Common Causes Which Lead to Sagging Gutters, & How to Prevent Them

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Most people don’t see roof gutters to be particularly sexy or glamorous, but when they do their job properly it’s a beautiful thing. Gutters serve to direct the flow of water off or your roof, through the downspouts, and away from your home’s foundation. But when your gutters aren’t working properly, problems can ensue pretty quickly! And one key issue of which to be mindful is when a sag develops in your gutters.


Why Sagging Gutters Are a Real Problem

Saggy pants used to be a fashion statement, but thankfully that trend is now going away. But saggy gutters? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Sagging gutters aren’t just an unpleasant aesthetic issue for your lower roofline. They can actually lead to real damage and expensive repair costs. Why are saggy gutters a problem? For starters, they aren’t able to drain your roof properly, and the resulting leakage of water can pose very real dangers to the foundation of your home. Improper roof drainage can damage your roof’s structural integrity up top, and the subsequent overflow can result in ground erosion around your home, can seep into your foundation, and can even flood your basement. In addition, this resulting wet environment is the perfect breeding ground for mold & mildew, and can also open the door for infestation by termites & other insects, as well as rodents & other pests. Needless to say, these are all issues you’d like to avoid!

Sagging Gutters

Some Common Causes of Sagging Gutters

One of the best ways to avoid a sagging gutter situation is to have a good understanding of which conditions cause sagging gutters in the first place, and how you can prevent & avoid them. Regular gutter inspection and preventive gutter maintenance are essential in this regard. Here are some other issues you’ll want to avoid if you want your gutters to be able to provide years of reliable service for you:

• Improper Installation

One of the best courses of prevention is to ensure that your gutters are properly installed in the first place. Faulty gutter installation can involve things like not using the proper size of gutters, elbows, and downspouts for your building, placing your gutter support hangers too far apart, and not aligning or pitching your gutters correctly to begin with. Issues like these tend to lead to gutter sagging, especially if water (or frozen precipitation) is able to collect in your gutter troughs. For these reasons, gutter installation is probably not an ideal DIY project for most homeowners. It’s best to entrust that task to a trained roofing and gutter professional like Skywalker Windows & Siding!


• Warped Gutter Materials

Even the best-designed gutters aren’t made to last forever. It would be nice if they could, but the fact of the matter is that warping or bending can occur over time, and this can eventually result in an overall sag to your gutters. The material you choose for your gutters can certainly make an impact in this regard. Galvanized steel is less likely to warp than aluminum or vinyl, for example. But other factors can still come into play which will affect the stability of your gutters.


• Not Enough Gutter Support

Sometimes the design and build of your gutters isn’t the main issue; they simply might not have been installed with the proper amount of support. Many gutter styles are made to be mounted on hidden hangers. But if these hangers aren’t spaced correctly, the wrong length of screws are used, or the hangers simply aren’t anchored to the fascia properly, it’s usually just a matter of time before they start to sag. All of these issues can be easily prevented by choosing the right gutter installation provider to begin with!


• Clogs or Obstructions in Your Gutters

If you live in area with trees nearby, you’re probably familiar with the impact falling leaves can have on your gutters every autumn. But leaves aren’t the only potential clogger of gutters – acorns and twigs can be a problem, too. And clogged gutters aren’t just an issue in the fall, either. Tree pollen can accumulate in the spring, snow and ice can accumulate in the winter, and pine needles can fall any time of year. For these reasons, it’s really a good idea to inspect your gutters and remove any debris every few months. Looking for a more proactive solution which will prevent you from having to climb a ladder to service those nasty, clogged gutters? Just let Skywalker install some gutter guards for you!


• Storm Damage to Your Gutters

After any severe storm passes through, it’s always a good idea to do a quick assessment of the condition of your roof in general. Just make sure to include your gutters in your assessment, as well. Falling debris from a heavy windstorm or rainstorm can easily knock a gutter out of whack. Sometimes all you’ll need to do is remount any sections which have detached from the hangers. In more severe cases, some sections of your gutters may require replacing. There’s really not much you can do to prevent storm damage. But the more promptly you respond in getting your gutters restored, the more significant problems you can avoid down the road!


• Your Gutters Have Sprung a Leak

This isn’t necessarily a sagging gutter problem, but it is an important issue you’ll want to flag. If you see water streaming down underneath your gutters, it’s very possible that your gutter has sprung a leak. Depending upon the nature of your gutter materials and how your gutters were sealed, leaks and holes can develop over time. But the good news is that holes can usually be patched, and leaky seams can often be sealed with the proper type and amount of caulk.


Tips for Preventing Sagging Gutters

As you now hopefully realize, all it takes is a saggy gutter or some gutter blockage to result in negative (and potentially expensive) impacts on your roof and on your building’s foundation. One essential thing you’ll want to do in order to prevent many worst-case scenarios is to follow a regular schedule of gutter inspection, maintenance and repairs. That should also include making sure your gutters and downspouts stay clear. Aren’t comfortable climbing a ladder or getting on top of your roof? You can pay someone else to do it, or as we mentioned above you can also opt to install an easy-care, essentially maintenance-free gutter guard system.

Gutter Installation


And the Best Gutter Solution? Choose the Right Gutter Installation Provider in the First Place!

Skywalker Windows & Siding is a name you can trust. Sure, we provide quality windows & siding replacement services, but did you know that we actually got our start in roofing? In other words, we also happen to be gutter experts as well! We’re proud to serve the NC Piedmont Triad, NC Triangle, Charlotte Metro / Lake Norman, and Roanoke, VA areas. We have the equipment and the trained professionals to build and install seamless gutters for you right on site, and we can also provide you with a great gutter guard solution.


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