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How to Choose the Right Material for Fascia and Soffit Installation

Why Fascia & Soffit Matter Fascia and soffit are two features of your home that tend to fly under the radar … unless there’s a problem. Both play important roles in supporting the infrastructure of both your roof and attic, and they’re also visible elements that factor into your home’s exterior appearance.Fascia and soffit are…

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Vinyl Siding: The Most Popular Siding Choice in America

Siding doesn’t just cover the sides of your home. It really stands front-and-center in terms of its contribution to your home’s exterior appearance. And the right siding can really help your home to stand out in all the right ways! So, what’s the right siding for you? That’s really for you to decide, but you’d…

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Skywalker Windows & Siding’s Response to COVID-19 <br><em>We’re Here for You, and We’re Ready to Serve</em>

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is upon us, and its impact will no doubt continue to be felt for some time to come. Much has already been said about the subject, and we’re not here to restate anything you already know. This is something we should be taking seriously, and we’d all be wise to practice social…

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