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Insulated Siding Can Make a Real Difference

When shopping for siding, many people’s first consideration is how the siding looks. That does make a lot of sense, since siding is such an important component in helping to define the external appearance of your home. But at the same time, the functionality and energy efficiency properties of a particular siding are every bit as important as its aesthetics. The right siding can do more than just protect your home’s exterior; it can also help to moderate your home’s interior conditions, as well. And that’s where insulated siding can make a real difference!

What Is Insulated Siding, Exactly?

In a very literal sense, insulated siding is exactly what it sounds like – it’s simply siding that is either installed directly over a layer of insulation, or that has its own insulation built in. There are plenty of benefits that go along with insulated siding, including increased energy efficiency, better outdoor sound control, improved moisture barrier, and more. In fact, insulated siding that meets the required minimum R-value can even earn an Energy Star designation for your home. And if you’re considering going with some insulated siding as a new installation or siding replacement, one of the best products available anywhere is the Polar Wall Plus! insulated vinyl siding system from Norandex.

What’s So Great About a Polar Wall Plus! Insulated Siding System?

Polar Wall Plus is an energy-efficient siding solution that’s perfect for any home, and it also happens to look great, too. Polar Wall Plus is made by Norandex, a premium vinyl siding manufacturer which strives to combine aesthetics, performance, and low maintenance into environmentally-friendly products that are really built to last. Curious to learn what sets Polar Wall Plus! apart? Here are just a few of its features and benefits:


We know that looks matter when it comes to siding. Polar Wall Plus! delivers by providing a product that mimics the look of a low-gloss, natural cedar woodgrain, while also delivering the reliable performance and value of vinyl. Available in three distinctive profiles (Double 4” or 6” Clapboard, or Double 5” Dutchlap) and 21 attractive color options.

Built-in Foam Insulation

Thick insulating foam adds R-value to your walls, repels insects and pests, reduces sound transmission, and is also permeable.

Allows Your Home to Breathe

Is permeability in vinyl siding a good thing? Absolutely! Water vapor from cooking, showering and other household activities – along with moisture entering through the exterior – can get trapped inside the wall cavities of a home. Trapped moisture can lead to dry-rot, damage wall studs, and promote the growth of harmful molds and bacteria. The contoured foam backing on Polar Wall Plus! doesn’t absorb moisture and allows water vapors to escape and dissipate into the air, thus creating a healthier home that can really breathe.


Polar Wall Plus! has been tested for windload resistance based on ASTM standards, and has been verified to endure maximum windspeeds of 169 mph!


Comes with ColorHold Lifetime Fade Protection, meaning that Polar Wall Plus! holds its original color MUCH longer than standard vinyl siding. It’s even backed by a Limited Lifetime Fade Warranty – visit www.norandex.com to view all the details.

Structural Integrity

The structural lamination integrity & thermal performance of Polar Wall Plus! is guaranteed for 20 years, and the vinyl siding component carries a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Controls Energy Loss

Most homes are insulated between the wall studs, but the studs themselves aren’t insulated. Energy can escape from inside the home through uninsulated studs; conduction through the wood framing can account for 40% of a wall’s heat loss. The Polar Wall Plus! Insulated Siding System inhibits the conduction of energy through exterior wall studs, adds insulation, and hinders air infiltration. It helps insulate the entire wall for greater energy efficiency and savings.

Let Skywalker Windows & Siding Take Care of Your Polar Wall Plus! Installation

Judging by the name alone, you might think that Polar Wall Plus! is only designed for arctic climates. Not true! Polar Wall Plus! is actually a fantastic siding for homes located in the Southeast, as well. It keeps cold air out in the winter, but it also helps to keep cooler air inside during those sweltering summer months. The additional insulation included with Polar Wall Plus! really does make it an attractive siding solution for all climates.

And as important as choosing the right vinyl siding solution is, it’s perhaps more important to choose a trusted local contractor who can do the job right. Looking for a name you can trust? You’ve found it in Skywalker!

Skywalker Windows & Siding is one of the highest-rated, most-awarded contractors serving the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Charlotte Metro/Lake Norman, and Roanoke, VA areas. We maintain an A+ rating with BBB, our team has hundreds of years of combined experience, and nobody beats our standards for quality workmanship and personalized customer service. We’ll take care of your siding needs, but more importantly, we’ll take care of YOU the right way!

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