Q: Which Style of Siding is Better, Clapboard or Dutch Lap? A: Polar Wall Plus!

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How Are Dutch Lap Siding and Clapboard Siding Similar?

If you’re making plans for a siding replacement, one of the first things to consider is what kind of look you want for your new siding. That’s certainly an important consideration, since siding plays such a key role in helping to define your home’s external appearance. Two of the most popular styles of siding are dutch lap and traditional clapboard, and they share many things in common. Both feature long, narrow planks that are applied horizontally, and in both cases the bottom edge of each horizontal plank slightly overlaps the plank below. Creating some overlap helps to provide better coverage and rain protection; if the planks were arranged flush with one another, that would create exposed seams which would be more prone to moisture intrusion.


So, What’s the Difference Then? Which Style of Siding is Better?

The dutch lap and traditional clapboard approach are similar in many ways, but there is one defining feature which sets dutch lap apart. While traditional clapboard siding planks are relatively flat, the dutch lap plank face is more concave and curves out into a more defined, notched overlap. The dutch lap siding design creates more dramatic shadowing than clapboard siding, with a more prominent overlay.


So which style is better? As long as the two styles are fabricated from the same materials, there is no noticeable difference in performance. The real distinction between the two is purely aesthetic. So deciding whether dutch lap or clapboard is better, is really a matter of personal preference and taste.


A Better Question is, Which Siding Product is Better?

As important as looks may be, a perhaps more important question to answer is which particular siding material and product you should go with. Because in the final analysis, the functionality and energy efficiency features offered by a particular siding are every bit as important as its aesthetics – if not moreso. The ideal siding should be able to do more than simply protect your home’s exterior; it should also contribute towards maintaining your home’s interior conditions, too. And to that end, insulated vinyl siding really checks both boxes!


Insulated Vinyl Siding is Hard to Beat

Not familiar with insulated siding? It’s really pretty much exactly what it sounds like – siding that is either installed directly over a layer of insulation, or that has its own built-in insulation. There are many practical benefits that come with choosing insulated siding, including increased energy efficiency, improved moisture barrier, and enhanced exterior noise buffering sound. And insulated siding that meets the required minimum R-value can even earn an Energy Star designation! If you’re shopping around for the best solution for your new siding installation or siding replacement, you should really give Norandex’s Polar Wall Plus! Insulated Siding System a look.


What Makes Polar Wall Plus! a Better Choice?

Polar Wall Plus! is an energy-efficient vinyl siding solution that doesn’t just deliver enhanced performance; it happens to look fantastic, too. Whether you prefer a dutch lap style or a clapboard style, Polar Wall Plus! comes in both! Here are a few more features and benefits that set Polar Wall Plus! by Norandex apart:


• Looks Great

We’ve already established that looks certainly matter when it comes to siding. And Polar Wall Plus! really shines in that regard by providing a product that mimics the look and texture of low-gloss, natural cedar woodgrain, while also delivering all the reliable performance and value of sturdy vinyl. It’s available in three distinctive profiles (including D4 Clapboard, D6 Clapboard, and D5 Dutchlap), and comes in 21 homeowner preferred colors.


• Built-in Foam Insulation

Here’s what really sets Polar Wall Plus! apart. Thick insulating foam adds R-value to your walls, repels insects and pests, reduces sound transmission, and is also permeable to water vapor.


• Lets Your Home Breathe

Why does permeability matter? Water vapor from cooking, showering, etc. can get trapped inside the wall cavities of a home if not vented properly. This trapped moisture can lead to dry-rot, damaged studs, and the growth of harmful molds and bacteria. The contoured foam backing on Polar Wall Plus! won’t absorb moisture, but it does allow water vapor to escape and dissipate. The result? A healthier home that can really breathe!


• Controls Energy Loss

Most homes have insulation placed between the wall studs, but the studs themselves aren’t insulated. These uninsulated studs can account for 40% of a wall’s heat loss. The Polar Wall Plus! Insulated Siding System serves to inhibit the conduction of thermal energy through exterior wall studs, and adds insulation to the entire wall for greater energy efficiency and HVAC savings.


• Demonstrated Wind Resistance

Do you live in a windy area, or in an area prone to occasional severe storms? Polar Wall Plus! has been tested for wind load resistance based on ASTM standards, and has been verified to endure maximum wind speeds of up to 169 mph!


• Fade Resistance

ColorHold Lifetime Fade Protection means that Polar Wall Plus! holds its original color MUCH longer than standard vinyl siding. It’s even backed by a Limited Lifetime Fade Warranty from Norandex!


• Guaranteed Structural Integrity

And speaking of performance, the structural lamination integrity & thermal performance of Polar Wall Plus! is also guaranteed by Norandex for 20 years, and the vinyl siding component carries a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects.


Skywalker Windows & Siding Provides the Best Polar Wall Plus! Installation Services in NC and VA

So which is better, dutch lap or clapboard? The correct answer, no matter which of these two siding styles you prefer, is Polar Wall Plus! And don’t let “Polar” fool you into thinking that this siding only works in arctic climates. Polar Wall Plus! is a great siding solution for homes in the Southeast. Not only does it help keep cold air outside in the winter, but it also helps to keep conditioned air inside during those hot, humid summers. The additional insulation provided by Polar Wall Plus! is really perfect for all climate types.


But do you know what’s just as important as choosing the right siding solution? Choosing a trusted local siding contractor who can do the job right! And in NC and VA, there’s no more trusted name in siding installation than Skywalker Windows & Siding.


Skywalker is a preferred installer of Polar Wall Plus! and all other premier vinyl siding products from Norandex. We install vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, polymer siding, and wood siding from other leading manufacturers too, and we have all the training, tools, and expertise to take care of your siding replacement project the right way. We’re one of the highest-rated, most-awarded siding contractors serving the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Lake Norman, and southern VA region, and we’d be happy to come out and provide a FREE on-site inspection and consultation.


Give our team a call today at (336) 627-5596, and let us show you the Skywalker Windows & Siding difference!

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