Should You Repair or Replace Home Windows?

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Repair or replace? That is the question.

As a homeowner, you probably face the repair or replace question more often than you would like. Most home elements will show wear or break down eventually, and that includes your windows as well. And since you probably have multiple windows on your home, there’s a higher probability of an issue surfacing at some point. But which window issues can be addressed with windows repair, and which really calls for a windows replacement?

A window that won’t open

If you’ve got a sticking sash or a creaking window crank, your first course of action is simply to clean your window tracks. Dirt and grime can and will accumulate over time, especially if you’ve been neglectful about regular window maintenance. Sometimes, a thorough cleaning is all that’s needed to resolve the issue. But if your window locks or hardware are broken, installing some suitable replacement parts may be the best solution.

Drafts around your windows

If you’re feeling a draft, then a broken pane could very well be the cause. If that’s the case, you’d really be better off to go ahead and replace the whole window. But there can be some other causes for drafty windows, as well:

You may have some faulty weatherstripping, or simply may not have enough weatherstripping installed, to begin with.
The caulking around a window can crack or peel over time.
Gaps can form between the window frame and sash due to natural home settling, or due to your window materials breaking down over time.

Caulk and weather stripping are fairly inexpensive items you can pick up at a local hardware store and fix or replace yourself. But a window sash that has become warped or damaged will probably require a window replacement. Start by checking to see if the window is plumb, level, and square by using a level and a tape measure. You may discover that your window unit was installed incorrectly, or has simply shifted as your home has begun to settle. In either case, your window will either need to be reinstalled or replaced.

Water coming inside the window

If drafts can get in your window, there’s a good chance that water can infiltrate, too. If you’re seeing some signs of water infiltration, that’s a problem you need to deal with right away.

There are many potential reasons why water could be collecting around your window. For example, the exterior window casing could be faulty, or you might just need to clean out your gutters. Once you’re able to isolate the source of the water, you’ll be better poised to make a proper fix.

Inspect your window in the same manner as if you were looking for a draft. It’s possible that some new weather stripping is all that’s really needed. On the other hand, your window could prove to be faulty itself, in which case the best solution will be a total window replacement.

Foggy or cloudy windows

If your windows are generally fogged up, that could just be a window condensation issue. If so, there are often steps you can take to reduce or eliminate that moisture on your own.

First, you’ll want to identify where the window condensation is coming from, inside, outside, or between the panes of glass. The solution you’ll need to apply will depend on the location of the moisture:

⇔ Inside

Interior window condensation is generally an interior home humidity issue. Get the air circulating inside your home, or open up your windows (if the weather allows) to help alleviate any interior condensation issues.

⇔ Outside

If your windows are clouding up from the outside, that’s probably a result of current weather conditions, and shouldn’t be seen as a window problem. You can try spraying some water repellant on your windows to try and help alleviate the issue.

⇔ Between the window panes

The presence of moisture between the panes of your insulated glass is a sign of a glass seal failure. In this case, you may need to consult with some professional windows repair contractors to see if the panes can be replaced, or whether what you really need is a full windows replacement.

If window repair isn’t a viable solution, now is the time to schedule your window replacement.

Scheduling a needed window replacement is something that most people would prefer to put off, for obvious reasons. But delaying that needed decision will only put your home at greater risk in terms of safety, protection, and comfort. If you really need to schedule a new windows installation, the time to take action is NOW.

⇔ Better home security & safety

Faulty or broken windows can really be a safety risk. A window that’s cracked is easier for intruders to break into! And if your current windows don’t function properly, you may have trouble getting out in an emergency. Choosing to install some quality replacement windows will boost your level of home security, and will offer greater peace of mind.

⇔ Greater energy efficiency

Replacement windows with proper low-E coatings will keep more heat inside your home during the winter, and more heat outside during the summer months. You can also choose to include glass with UV filtering and other beneficial properties.

⇔ Reduced noise pollution

Tired of hearing all that external noise? Triple-pane insulated windows have been shown to drastically reduce sound transmission. There are even some window products available that are classified as soundproof.

⇔ Easier to maintain

Older windows can be a real chore to keep clean, maintained, and operable. But modern replacement windows like are designed for easier operation and easier cleaning. And if you go with vinyl windows, your new windows will be practically maintenance-free.

⇔ Boosted curb appeal

You like your home to look good, right? Broken or dilapidated windows can be a real eyesore. Choosing the right window replacement can really boost your curb appeal. And if you’re looking to put your home on the market down the road, having new windows to feature can help seal the deal with a prospective homebuyer.

Choose Skywalker Windows & Siding as your trusted window replacement partner.

If it’s time to replace your windows, it’s not just about finding a window product you like. You’ll also need to search for local windows contractors you can trust. If you’re located in NC or VA, you need to look no further than Skywalker Windows & Siding!

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