The Importance of Maintaining Your Commercial Gutters

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Why Gutters Matter

Gutters may not be perceived as the most exciting visual aspect of your business facility, but they serve several important functions. Not only do they effectively direct rain and frozen precipitation melt off of your roof, but they also help curtail flooding, avoid foundation problems, stabilize surrounding soil, and prevent water damage to your building. When understood in this context, the importance of properly installed and maintained gutters is evident.

How are Commercial Gutters Different?

All gutters are essentially designed to do the same thing – drain water away from your building and its foundation. But a commercial gutter system often needs to be designed differently from one that’s installed on a residential home. For one thing, commercial zones often have different requirements from residential zones in terms of building codes and regulations. Commercial buildings are also typically bigger, meaning there’s more square footage of roofing to drain. And because commercial roofs are also usually constructed with less slope, the materials and design of commercial gutters may also need to be different from their residential counterparts.

Why Commercial Gutter Maintenance Matters

Residential gutters aren’t the only ones which require regular maintenance. Commercial gutters also need their share of some occasional TLC. One challenge that commercial roofs often face is that they are typically out-of-sight – and thus tend to also be out-of-mind for many business owners and managers. But it’s worth your while to be intentional about roof and gutter maintenance, as it can really help to save you from experiencing more costly headaches down the road.

Some Tips for Taking Care of Your Commercial Gutters

As with many things, a little preventative maintenance now can pay great dividends over time. The earlier you can catch any potential issues with your gutters, the better off you’ll be!

Keep The Gutters Clean & Clear

One of the best things you can do to maintain your commercial gutters & downspouts is to make sure they stay clear and free-flowing. Cleaning gutters isn’t just a concern for homeowners; the gutters and drains on commercial buildings can get clogged, too. You should check your gutters on a regular seasonal cycle, or hire a local roofing professional to take care of that for you.

Maintain Those Joints

Joints are where any two pieces of gutter meet, and these are some of the most vulnerable areas when it comes to the possibility of a leak developing. It’s very important to keep an eye on joint areas and make sure they’re sealed properly.

Check for Holes

Holes and punctures to your gutter system can come from storm damage including debris punctures, or can result from general weathering. Once holes like these develop, they are also prone to spread over time. Regularly inspect for damage, especially after any bouts with severe weather.

Watch for Angles, and Note Any Gutters Pulling Away

Your gutter system uses gravity to move water from the roof to the ground safely. If your gutters don’t maintain the correct downward angle, water can collect and back up. This can cause major issues with your gutters and start to affect your roof itself. Also, pay attention to the position of your gutters. If your gutters start to pull away from the roof at any point, this will certainly result in leaks and should be addressed right away.

Resolve Any Issues You Find Immediately

Any breach in your gutter system becomes an entry point for water and should be corrected promptly. Once water damage starts, it won’t correct itself over time; the damage will only continue to increase if nothing is done to address the problem.

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