Which Home Improvement Projects Offer the Best ROI? Top 6 Reasons for Planning a Renovation

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IF YOU’RE READING THIS, then I probably don’t have to convince you that home renovations are a good idea. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to improve their home? Obviously you do, or else you wouldn’t have clicked on this article in the first place! My hunch is you’re really just trying to decide which home improvement project (or projects) make the most sense for you to pursue.


Top Six Reasons That Homeowners Take on Renovation Projects

In order to prioritize which home renovation projects you should tackle in which order, it’s important to start by understanding why you’re considering home renovations in the first place. What are your home improvement needs and goals? Here are six common reasons why folks like you choose to renovate their homes:

1. Getting your house ready to sell

If you’re making plans to put your home on the market – either now or within the next few years – then your main renovation goals probably revolve around boosting your home’s value. The renovation projects you’ll want to prioritize are those which help to make your home as “sellable” and attractive to homebuyers as possible. These should include correcting any glaring problems and addressing any obvious cosmetic issues which could hurt your curb appeal if left unattended.

2. Addressing a safety issue

Some home improvement projects simply can’t be put off, especially if they involve a safety issue or hazard. These include things like a leaky roof, a broken window or door, electrical problems, and things of that nature. In addition to keeping your family safe, there’s also a financial reason not to put off a needed replacement or renovation. Addressing the issue now can help prevent further, even more expensive damage from occurring down the road.

3. Adding space, or adding functionality

As your family grows or your needs change, you may find that you’re simply running out of space within the confines of your current home design. Adding a bedroom or a bathroom (or both) can be a much more cost-effective solution than trying to find a bigger home to purchase. Plus, in planning your own home addition, you can get exactly what you want, the way you want it. You can add a new deck, porch, or patio for outdoor entertaining, customize your own man cave or she shed, create a playroom for the kids, and more. The possibilities are practically endless!

4. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home

Improving the energy efficiency of your home through modern upgrades and renovations is a really smart investment, because it’s an investment that literally pays for itself over time. For example, putting in some new windows and adding some blown insulation to the cavities of your attic and wall space can help you save a significant amount on your annual heating & air costs. Roof and siding replacement can help too, along with replacing older appliances with some ENERGY STAR certified models.

5. Updating your home’s look and style

Maybe you’re just tired of looking at the same stuff within your four walls (as well as on your home’s exterior) every day. The desire to give your home a needed facelift is a common motivator for homeowners when it comes to renovation projects. For the interior, a fresh coat of paint, a new carpet, or even a new area rug can often work wonders. There are some DIY things you can do to help spruce up the exterior too, like replacing door hardware and repainting your shutters.

6. Simply making your home more comfortable or enjoyable

While there are lots of other reasons for wanting to renovate your home, a simple desire to make your home more comfortable or more enjoyable are two reasons not to overlook. Is the thought of going home at the end of the day something you look forward to with anticipation, or something you’ve come to dread? If it’s more towards the “dread” end of the scale, then maybe it’s time to think about home improvements you can make which will enable you to really be able to enjoy your home all over again.


Ready for Some Needed Home Improvement? Skywalker Can Help!

No matter what your needs or goals for home improvement, there are lots of good reasons to take on a home renovation project. And while there are some simple things you can probably do yourself, some projects are really best left to a professional. Looking for a home improvement expert, you can trust in NC or VA? Then look no further than Skywalker Windows & Siding!

Skywalker delivers THE BEST workmanship, customer service, & customer support in the business, and we’re proud to be able to set the bar a little higher every single day. Here are just some of the valuable installation and replacement services we have to offer:

• Windows Installation and Replacement

We’re proud to partner with quality manufacturers like Pella, ProVia, Vinylmax, and West Window Corporation, and we guarantee the quality of our installation workmanship.

• Exterior Doors

From entry doors, to patio doors, to storm doors, to custom door hardware, we do it all when it comes to providing exterior door solutions.

• Skylight Installation

Adding a skylight is a great way to improve your home’s atmosphere by letting in some natural light. We install fully operable skylights and roof windows, too.

• Siding Installation and Replacement

We’ve got lots of great premium vinyl siding options, plus we offer superior fiber cement and polymer siding options, as well.

• Blown Insulation

Adding some extra insulation can save you some money on heating & cooling costs, but it does more than just that. The right insulation can help control humidity, absorb sound, and provide additional mold and fire resistance. We can help!

• Comprehensive Roofing Services

Roofing is actually where we got our start at Skywalker, and we still specialize in comprehensive installation & replacement services for all popular roofing materials, including custom standing seam metal roofs.

• Gutter & Gutter Guard Installation

Skywalker also offers custom seamless gutter fabrication and installation, and we offer some great gutter guard products, too.

• Fascia & Soffit Work

We’re experts in all aspects of roof support systems, including fascia & soffit installation and replacement.

• Porch and Deck Additions

At Skywalker, we don’t just service your existing structure; we can help you to create some NEW structures too, including porch and deck additions!

If you’re located anywhere in the NC Piedmont Triad, Foothills, Piedmont Triangle, or Lake Norman area, you’re in our NC service area! We serve the southern and southwestern regions of VA too, all the way up to Roanoke! Got some questions? Ready to get started? Give us a buzz at (336) 265-9595 today; we’d love to show you the Skywalker difference!

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Luke Wilson

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