Why This Spring Is a Great Time to Schedule Your Home Window Replacement

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Windows serve a lot of important functions for your home. Obviously, they let in light and give you a view of the outdoors, but windows do more than that too. Operable windows can let in a nice breeze, and well-insulated windows do a good job of improving the energy efficiency of your home. In addition, windows play a significant role in determining the overall curb appeal of your home. So, when should you be thinking about replacing your home windows? Honestly, there’s no time like the present!


How to Figure Out When You’re Due for a Windows Replacement

Let’s back up for a minute – how do you know when a window repair is actually necessary? When is it really time to bring in a windows contractor? What should you be looking for to help you determine that some action needs to be taken where your windows are concerned? Here are some telltale indicators that your windows are in need of special attention:


1. Windows are obviously cracked, damaged, or broken

This one’s easy – if your panes or frames are broken or cracked, then you really don’t need to wait. Putting off a needed window replacement now poses a real security threat for your home. Broken windows are easy to break into, making both your family and your possessions more vulnerable. In addition, broken windows can lead to some sky-high energy costs you’d probably prefer to avoid.

2. Difficult to operate

Moisture infiltration can cause windows to swell or rot, and cause metal hardware and components to rust. Once this happens, your windows can become pretty hard to open or shut. If it’s getting increasingly harder to move your operable windows, then it’s time to consider window replacement. Plus, windows that can’t be closed properly probably can’t be locked properly either – and that’s a safety risk you really don’t want to take.

3. You feel a draft

If your windows are closed but you can still feel a draft, that’s not good. A little window maintenance in the form of recaulking or added weather stripping may be all you need. If that does the trick for you, then great! But if drafty conditions still remain, then windows replacement really could be your best move.

4. A cloudy view

Are the insides of your window panes becoming hazy, cloudy, or foggy? That usually means your glass has lost its glaze, and the insulating gas has escaped. Failed window seals negatively impact energy efficiency, and can also result in the development of mold, mildew, and rust.

5. Did you hear that?

If noises from the outside are starting to get louder, then that could be another indicator that your windows have lost some of their insulating abilities. If this is the case, that’s a problem that simply won’t fix itself. In fact, it could get even worse if you don’t decide to plan for a window replacement.

6. Higher energy bills

If the other above-mentioned issues haven’t gotten your attention yet, this one might! Been noticing some rising heating & air costs? If your windows are no longer able to deliver their original insulating performance, they could very well be the culprit. Let the pros at Skywalker Windows & Siding come out and take a look for you!


Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Plan Your Windows Installation

If you’re like a lot of people, home window installation is probably something you’d like to delay as long as possible. But putting off a needed window replacement won’t make your home situation any better, and can really do more damage in the long run. Here are a few reasons why this Spring is really the perfect time to go ahead and pull the trigger on getting the new windows you need:


• Improved quality of life

New replacement windows have many engineering advances over legacy window products. They’re much better insulated, offer great low-E glass options, can be coated for better UV protection, and do a much better job of helping you control interior humidity levels. They’re also designed to be easier to operate and easier to clean, and they look great!

• Beat the summer heat with more energy savings

If you live in the Southeast, then you know that our muggy summer heat can be downright brutal. Tired of seeing your A/C having to work overtime just to try and keep up? By choosing to install some high-quality replacement windows, you’ll start seeing a return on your investment immediately. Today’s new windows are designed to keep more heat outside during the summer, making things a little easier on your air conditioning system. These windows will serve your energy needs well in the winter too, as they’re able to help keep more of your heated air inside where you want it.

• Better protection from summer storms

If you’ve been in NC or VA for any length of time, then you’ve probably experienced some pretty rough summer thunderstorms. Sometimes the rain doesn’t even fall vertically; it blows horizontally! Another benefit to having modern replacement windows installed is that they don’t just insulate your house against exterior air access. They’re designed to help keep water out, too. Water damage is a perennial threat in this part of the country, but by choosing to replace your windows now you’ll have less to worry about when the next storm rolls in. There are some great impact-resistant window products available, too.

• Great investment for tax refunds & stimulus payments

Been saving up your tax refund and stimulus payment money for a rainy day? Rather than just letting your money sit around, it would be better to invest it in something that actually prepares your home for the rainy days ahead! In addition to providing immediate energy bill savings, replacement windows deliver other types of ROI as well. They make your home more theft-deterrent, keep your family safer, and build up your home’s curb appeal. Qualifying energy-efficient windows will earn you a tax break on next year’s return, too! Thinking of putting your home on the market? Choosing to install new windows can also help you attract more buyers.

• Lock in your price before material costs go up any higher!

Since money talks, let’s talk about another practical reason to go ahead and book your new window installation right now: cost. Thanks to the pandemic, tariffs, and other factors impacting the global economy, you’re probably well aware that prices have risen for wood, metal, and fuel (among other things). These factors have driven up material costs for replacement windows, too. By choosing to place your window replacement order now, you can lock in current pricing before costs go up any further. If that’s not a good reason to get your windows replaced this Spring, we don’t know what is!


Looking for a Window Installation Partner You Can Trust? Choose Skywalker!

Looking for the right replacement window product for you? Whether you prefer the look of natural wood, the performance of low-maintenance vinyl, or the versatility of a clad window combination, you’ve got plenty of great options. Skywalker Windows & Siding is proud to partner with premier brands and manufacturers including Pella, ProVia, West Window Corporation, and VinylMax. Each of these window solutions is made to look beautiful while also maximizing energy efficiency & performance, and each is highly rated and reviewed.

But choosing the right replacement windows is really only half the battle. It’s also very important to partner with a local provider who knows how to put your windows in right! No matter what kind of window you’re looking for, Skywalker can provide your perfect window installation solution! We can sit down to help you explore all your best options, and we’ll take the time to listen to your wants and needs too.

Skywalker Windows and Siding is one of the highest-rated, most-awarded contractors serving the NC Piedmont Triad, NC Piedmont Triangle, Lake Norman area, and southern/southwestern VA region. Why do our customers speak so highly of us? It’s because we do the job right, and we take care of people the right way. Nobody beats our standards of workmanship, safety, and giving customers the personal touch they deserve!

We invite you to connect with us today at (336) 265-9595, and experience the Skywalker difference for yourself!

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