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The specific climate in which you live definitely plays an important role in which type of replacement windows you should have installed. The fact of the matter is that not all windows are created equal. Windows come in all sorts of styles, materials, and energy efficiency ratings, and some are simply better suited for certain climates than others. If you choose wrong, you could end up spending more on your power bill than you’d like. Worse yet, an improper choice could also mean that you’ll end up needing to replace your windows sooner than you’d prefer!

Window Problems and Solutions with Respect to Climate

How do you know whether your current windows are best designed to perform in your particular climate zone? What are the signs of window performance problems, and what types of windows should you be considering as a replacement to address those problems? Here’s a handy of list of issues to keep an eye out for and be mindful of as you make your choice:

»  Problem: Bowing and/or Warping
☑ Solution: Vinyl, Metal/Vinyl Clad, or Treated Wood Frames

Cycles of expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity swings are very common in many climates. Over time, this can lead to the loss of structural integrity where certain window materials are concerned. These windows can become bowed, warped, or swollen, making them harder to operate and much less energy efficient. You can avoid this problem by choosing a window framed with vinyl, metal/vinyl clad, or treated wood. If using treated or painted wood, it’s also important to maintain the window frame regularly. 

»  Problem: It’s a Little Drafty in Here
☑ Solution: Proper Window Installation, Weatherstripping Replacement

Bowed or warped windows can also lead to drafts, but many drafts result from issues with your seals. Replacing the weather stripping or adding some caulk may help to improve the situation. One of the most common sources of drafts, however, is improper window installation. Even the most energy-efficient windows need to be installed properly in order to perform as designed. Make sure you spend at least as much time choosing the right window installation company as you do selecting a window replacement product!

»  Problem: Cloudiness, Haze, & Sweat
☑ Solution: Install Storm Windows

The wear-and-tear of weathering and time eventually takes its toll on your window glass. If you start to see cloudiness, haze, or sweat between your window panes, then your windows have lost their glaze, insulating gas, or both. Once this happens, there’s little else you can do besides replacing the glass or the entire window itself. One preventative solution would be to consider having storm windows installed to protect your windows from premature weathering, scratching, or cracking. 

»  Problem: Heat Gain or Loss
☑ Solution: Choose Windows with a Low U-Factor, Low SHGC, & Proper Low-E Coating

Modern windows are designed to help keep more heat inside your home during the winter, and outside during the warmer months. If you’re starting to see rising power bills due to your air conditioner having to work overtime, your current windows might be one of the main culprits. Depending upon the particulars of your climate, you should consider some more energy-efficient replacement windows that have an appropriate U-factor (heat transfer rating), SHGC (solar radiation transfer rating), and proper low-E coating.

»  Problem: Hardware Failure
☑ Solution: Try Sliding Windows or Fixed Windows

Temperature and humidity swings don’t just lead to bowing and warping of the frames; they can also cause window hardware to deteriorate, as well. Damaged hardware is more than just an annoyance; the inability to easily open or close your windows can become a safety/security risk. Regularly cleaning and greasing your hardware can help to protect it from damage. When choosing a replacement window, consider a style that’s easier to operate. Sliding windows are more foolproof than double-hung or casement windows, for example. Alternatively, you can avoid the hardware issue altogether by going with a picture window or other fixed window style.

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