Introduction to Door Hardware

What do we mean by door hardware? Hardware technically includes hinges, screws, door mount assemblies, etc., but that’s not really what we mean by door hardware in this case. We’re really talking about things like door handles and levers, doorknobs, handle locks, deadbolt locks, and other locking mechanisms. The right door hardware is stylish, rugged, easy to operate, and also helps to provide dependable security.

Door Hardware Options for Various Types of Exterior Doors

When it comes to exterior doors, the finishing touches can sometimes make the biggest impression. The best door hardware isn’t just functional; it’s also stylish and durable, too. Here are a few options worth considering for your entry doors, storm doors, and patio doors.

Storm Door Hardware

Storm Door Hardware

Along with their entry door products, Pella offers lots of options for premium storm door hardware, too. There are several color-matched and upgraded finishes you can choose, and there are also multipoint locking systems and more exclusives available, thanks to Pella’s partnership with Baldwin. ProVia provides a number of nice storm door hardware products as well, including finishes in brass (both bright & antique), nickel, bronze, white, and black.

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Entry Door Hardware

Entry Door Hardware

Pella is one of the most respected names in the door and window market, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any products that are better made than those produced by Pella. For entry doors, Pella has partnered with Baldwin – the #1 brand of premium hardware – to provide door hardware that delivers the perfect finishing touch. Baldwin hardware offers professional-grade security, which is both pick-resistant and also simple to re-key. ProVia also offers a nice selection of entry door hardware styles and options too. Their Emtek hardware line is available in several finishes, and comes with lifetime warranties for both mechanical operation and anti-tarnish finish.

Patio Door Hardware

Patio Door Hardware

For patio doors and accompanying door hardware, both ProVia and West Window Corporation have some nice products to consider. ProVia offers multiple options for hardware on its Aspect, Aeris, Prestige, Designer, Endure, and ecoLite lines of sliding doors and hinged doors. And while the West Window Corporation is perhaps best known for its window product offerings, it would be worth your while to also consider their vinyl sliding doors, aluminum sliding doors, and accompanying door hardware options. West Window’s insulated storm doors and aluminum storm doors are certainly worth a look, too.

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Some Door Hardware Terms to Know

When considering new door hardware, many folks tend to just look at styles and finishes they like. While those are obviously important considerations, you also want to focus on door hardware features like the strength of the material, ease of operability, security features, and any special installation requirements. Here are a few terms to know in order to gain a better understanding of various pieces, parts, and components which comprise door hardware systems.

• Handles, Knobs, and Levers

Simply put, these are the various types of hand-manipulated elements you operate to open and close your exterior door.

• Latch Bolts and Strike Plates

Latch bolts are sometimes simply abbreviated as latches. These are the beveled, spring-loaded bolts that engage whenever you close a door. The strike plate is attached to the door jamb, and it provides a reinforced hole to accommodate the latch bolt or lock bolt. A strike plate adds a greater level of security, and also serves to help project the door jamb.

• Deadbolts

Deadbolts are a specialized type of locking mechanism, installed separately from the handle latch system. Deadbolts are one of the strongest methods for securing a door. A single-cylinder deadbolt is keyed on the exterior and latched on the interior; a double cylinder deadbolt is even more secure, being keyed on both sides.

• Boreholes and Backsets

Boreholes are the holes that must be drilled into the door itself in order to house the door’s hardware. Latch bores (or edge bores) are also required for accommodating latch bolts and deadbolts. The backset is the distance from the door’s edge to the center of the cross borehole for lock installation. Standard backset sizes include 2-3/8” and 2-3/4”.

• Door Handing

Handing refers to which way your door opens, which will also determine which type of handing you’ll need for your door hardware. Handing is determined by looking at your door from the exterior. Whichever side the hinges are on will tell you which handing you want. For example, if the hinges are on the left, then you should choose left handing for your door hardware.

• Keying

While technology advances now allow for keyless doors, many homeowners still prefer to have keyed locks for their exterior doors. Each lock typically comes with its own set of unique keys. However, if you’re purchasing multiple handle locks and deadbolts, you can also choose to have all your locks customized for access by a single key for the sake of simplicity and convenience.

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