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Does home improvement matter? I’m willing to wager that you believe it does, or else you likely would’ve never clicked on this page! And if you care about improving your home, you may also be a person who likes to take on home improvement projects yourself. If you’ve got some home improvement ideas of your own, that’s something to be admired and commended! Even so, sometimes you may identify a home improvement need that’s simply beyond your realm of expertise, or may just be a project you don’t have the time or energy to perform on your own. In times like these, it’s good to have a home improvement contractor you can trust in your corner. To that end, there’s no better home improvement partner in NC and VA than Skywalker Windows & Siding!

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Skywalker’s Home Improvement Services

If you’re familiar with Skywalker at all, you already know that we provide the best windows, siding, & roofing services you’ll find in NC and VA. We only partner with the best American manufacturers of windows, siding, roofing, and other exterior products, and we deliver the best quality of installation workmanship, too. But the fact of the matter is that we provide a full range of home improvement services, including the following:

  • Window Replacement: Windows aren’t just an important factor in determining your home’s curbside appearance; they also contribute to energy efficiency and safety. Skywalker partners with preferred manufacturers like Pella, ProVia, West Window Corporation, and VinylMax. Whether your preference is vinyl windows, wood windows, or clad windows, we’ve got you covered.


  • Skylight Installation: Speaking of windows, we can install windows in your roof, attic, and ceiling as well. Adding a skylight is a great way to increase the amount of natural light that flows into your living space. Skylights add aesthetic appeal as well, and can serve to help minimize your heating and lighting costs. We’d be glad to talk with you about some good skylight solutions to meet both your needs and goals for your home.


  • Exterior Doors Replacement: Yes, we do windows, but we’re happy to put in some new exterior doors for you, as well. We install everything from steel entry doors, to wood doors, to other modern entry doors, to patio doors, French doors, and storm doors. If you’re already making plans for a home improvement project, it makes sense to include exterior door replacement for greater home security and home energy efficiency. A new entry door installation can really add to the aesthetic value of your home’s exterior, too!


  • Siding Replacement: Choosing the right exterior siding solution is also very important. Skywalker has provided quality siding installation and siding replacement services for more than a generation, and we’re happy to partner with quality vinyl siding manufacturers like Norandex, and superior fiber cement siding providers like James Hardie.


  • Roof Installation & Roof Replacement: Skywalker is the name to trust for windows, siding, & various home improvement needs. But it’s also important to note that roofing is where we got our start, and we’re still in the business of delivering comprehensive roof installation and roof replacement services. If you really need a new roof, then just know that Skywalker has you covered!


  • Gutter Replacement & Gutter Guard Installation: And speaking of roof systems, don’t forget about your gutters and gutter guards, as well. A faulty or damaged gutter can result in significant damage – not just to the roof, but to your home’s support infrastructure as well. Skywalker offers custom seamless gutter fabrication and installation services, and we also install several preferred gutter guard products.


  • Fascia & Soffit: Fascia and soffit play important roles where your roof infrastructure is concerned, and also allow for essential ventilation of both moisture and heat from your attic. And Skywalker doesn’t just specialize in roofing; we can provide whatever fascia & soffit installation and replacement you may need.


  • Porch and Deck Additions: Does your home improvement plan include adding on to your existing structure? We can help you to expand your available outdoor space by providing you with a new porch or deck. Just give us an idea of what you’re looking for, and we can work with you to make it happen!


  • Blown Insulation: Skywalker doesn’t just provide exterior services; we can help you to shore up the interior of your home or business, as well. And part of that means ensuring that you have the right type and amount of insulation in place. Adding insulation is one of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your structure. The right insulation will serve to help control humidity, absorb sound, and provide better resistance to both mold and fire. If you need some blown insulation, we can help you with that!


  • Interior Drywall Repair: Another interior service that Skywalker provides is drywall & ceiling repair and replacement. And if you’re already planning a home improvement project with us, Skywalker is happy to serve your new drywall and ceiling installation needs.

Benefits of Home Renovations and Home Improvement

Perhaps you’ve already come up with a wish list of home improvements you’d like to make. But what’s the ROI of planning a home renovation project? That’s certainly a fair question. Here are some benefits worth keeping in mind as it concerns making some home improvements:


  1. Save money in maintenance & replacement costs : Let’s take siding, for example. If you currently have wood siding that you have to repaint or restain every couple of years, it would be worth your while to choose a higher-quality, lower-maintenance material like premium vinyl siding. By making plans to go ahead and upgrade now, you can really save yourself some money and effort in the long run.


  1. Save money on your utility bill, too : Installing better quality windows, exterior doors, siding, insulation, etc. can save a significant amount of money on your power bill, too. And an investment that literally helps to pay for itself is certainly one that’s worth considering!


  1. Help you to enjoy your home more : When there are things that nag you and bother you about the condition of your house, it’s harder to relax and really enjoy your time at home. Subconsciously, this can even lead you to resent your home. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for that! Go ahead and make the decision to renovate your home, and you’ll feel better about spending time there!


  1. Boost your home’s resale value : If you’re looking to put your home on the market in the not-too-distant future, then planning for some home improvements can pay dividends towards making your home more attractive to would-be home buyers. A home renovation project can help to elevate your asking and selling price, too.


  1. Gain the appreciation of your neighbors : Whenever you undergo a home renovation, you’re not the only one who benefits. Your neighbors will also benefit. The better your home looks and performs, the more it will elevate the value of your entire neighborhood. And making your neighborhood a better place to live certainly counts for something, too.

What Will a Home Improvement Project Cost Me?

That’s absolutely a fair question, and it’s a question that any homeowner or property owner will have to consider when mapping out any home improvement plans. At Skywalker, we certainly get that! You’re probably aware that construction and home improvement costs have risen over the past couple of years, thanks in no small part to COVID. That being the case, you can try one of two approaches:


  1. Simply wait and hope that prices will go down. : But the problem with waiting and hoping is the fact that there are no guarantees that prices will ever drop significantly going forward. Demand for remodeling projects is high, and there’s no sign of that demand decreasing. And with a free market economy like ours, it’s likely that prices for windows, siding, and other home improvement projects will keep increasing to meet demand.


  1. Book your home improvement project NOW to avoid further price increases! : Objectively speaking, this is really your best strategy. The cost of window replacement, door replacement, siding replacement, roof replacement, and deck & porch additions isn’t likely to come down anytime soon – if ever. In fact, most any economist will tell you that prices for essential products and services like these will only increase over time.


To answer the question, the cost of your home improvement project will ultimately depend on the scope of your project, the materials you choose, and the quality of the installation you want. And it really doesn’t pay to put off your project. The best time to schedule any home improvement services you may need is right now!

How to Choose a Home Improvement Contractor

Finding the right local home improvement provider isn’t always an easy process, but doing your due diligence in researching home improvement contractors in your area is certainly well worth the effort. Just knowing that a company provides a certain service doesn’t necessarily make them the best choice for the job! You really want to choose a company that you can trust, and with whom you can develop a lifetime relationship. And you should absolutely take a look at reviews provided from real customers the contractor you’re considering has served, as well. To that end, you’ll find that there’s really a lot to like about Skywalker Windows & Siding!

Trust Skywalker Windows & Siding for Home Improvement Services in NC & VA

If you’re looking for a windows contractor, siding contractor, or other home improvement services provider in North Carolina or Virginia, look no further than Skywalker Windows & Siding! We cover the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Lake Norman area, and southern VA region, and we’d be glad to serve your needs. You can check our many satisfied customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and elsewhere. And once you’ve done your homework, just go ahead and reach out to us!

You can connect with us online through the link above, or for an even faster response, you can just give us a call today at (336) 627-5596. We’d be glad to show you the Skywalker difference!


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Home Improvement Matters

Home Improvement FAQs

Replacing your windows is a great way to make your home brighter, safer, and more energy-efficient. But when? If you see any obvious cracks or breaks, then you really don’t need to wait. Other factors to look for include moisture between your window panes, noticeable gaps, drafts, and rising energy costs.
That will depend on the size of your home, how many windows you’re replacing, and which particular windows you choose. Even so, in most cases a window replacement job can be completed in one single day.
Here are some telltale signs to look for. Check for any warped or rotted siding, bubbles that have formed underneath, loose or cracked siding, holes in the siding, or faded siding. You should also make a note of whether you’re experiencing higher humidity levels inside your home, and how your heating and air costs have increased.
That will depend on a few key factors, including the size of your home’s exterior and which type of siding you’ve chosen. Skywalker can usually complete most siding installation or siding replacement jobs in just a day or two, but bigger jobs can sometimes take a little more time.
For one thing, we’re local. We have offices in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Stokesdale, Raleigh, Roanoke, and Danville, and we have plans to add even more office locations in NC and VA. In addition, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who are truly capable of providing whatever home improvement services you may need, with excellence!

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