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Popular Exterior Door Materials & Their Typical Lifespans

Posted On 26 February 2021
Skywalker Windows and Siding

Choosing the right exterior doors can make a big difference for your home. But which door materials are made to last, and what should you be looking for? This infographic from Skywalker Windows & Siding helps you to survey your options.

Exterior Door Material Options & Expected Lifespan

What’s the lifespan of a door? That will depend greatly upon what the door is made of. Different materials offer varying degrees of longevity. Here’s some of what this infographic includes:

• Vinyl

Vinyl is a great choice for patio doors or screen doors. It’s inexpensive, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. Vinyl probably isn’t the best choice for primary exterior doors, though, as it’s not as sturdy and doesn’t provide as much security as some other options.

Average Life Expectancy: Around 20 years

• Steel

Steel is the most common choice for entry doors in America. It’s relatively inexpensive and very sturdy. Some steel doors include an insulating core for better energy efficiency, too. Steel can be vulnerable to dents though and does require rust protection maintenance.

Average Life Expectancy: Up to 100 years

• Glass

Glass features are often desirable to include in exterior door design, too. And sliding glass doors make great choices for patio entrances. Just be sure to opt for the best locking mechanisms for safety.

Average Life Expectancy: 30 years or more for a properly-maintained sliding glass door

If You REALLY Want a Door That Lasts, Choose the Right Professional to Install It, Too!

If you’d like to learn more about choosing the right materials for your exterior doors, check out our full infographic here. And if you’re looking for the right home improvement services professional in NC or VA, look no further than Skywalker Windows & Siding!


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