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Welcome to Roanoke, the Star City of the South that’s nestled in an area of the Appalachian Mountains affectionately known as Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Skywalker Windows & Siding is a full-service, family-owned home improvement solutions provider that is proud to be your contractor of choice in Roanoke. We bring a wealth of experience in windows replacement, vinyl siding and siding replacement, and other related services to Roanoke and surrounding areas in southern Virginia. We’re up to 15,500 completed projects and counting, and we’re proud to say that we have a 99% customer approval rating and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! Skywalker is one of the most respected, trusted, and awarded home improvement contractors serving Roanoke, and we’d be honored to have the opportunity to discuss how we can help meet your particular needs, too!

One thing that makes Skywalker Windows & Siding different is the personal touch we provide for every customer. Once you reach out to us, we start by coming out and providing a FREE initial inspection and consultation for your home or business. And we do more than just inspect your building and spit out an impersonal price quote; we’ll take the time to sit down and listen too, to make sure we offer the absolute best solution to take care of your needs. Don’t wait, act now – call the best local contractor in Roanoke! Skywalker is trusted by families and businesses not just in VA, but across NC as well. No job is too big or too small for us, and we treat each customer as if they were our ONLY customer.

Most Dependable Roofing Contractor in Roanoke for Commercial & Residential Roofing Services

100+ years of combined experience. Taking care of real people with real needs! And delivering the best roofing services in Roanoke.

Our Services in Roanoke

We provide the best customer support, and we work with only the best materials from top manufacturers. Here are some of the services we offer in Roanoke and surrounding communities

1. Windows Installation and Replacement

Windows play an important role in the overall curbside appearance of your home or business, and they’re also a crucial component of your building’s general safety and energy efficiency. Windows that aren’t properly installed can quickly become a liability – it’s best to entrust your window installation or replacement in Roanoke to the professionals at Skywalker Windows & Siding! We guarantee the quality of our workmanship, and we stand behind all of our window products and services.

2. Siding Installation and Replacement

Besides the roof that covers your home or business, how you choose to cover the rest of your exterior is incredibly important – it helps determine your level of protection from weather and pests, energy efficiency, as well as the aesthetic beauty of your structure. The Skywalker Windows & Siding team are experts at installing and replacing vinyl siding and other siding materials, and we guarantee to do the job right the first time, and every time!

3. Blown Insulation

Making sure your home or business has the right type and amount of insulation in all the right places is one of your best strategies for saving money on your heating and cooling costs. The right insulation can also help control your humidity, reduce sound pollution, and provide better mold and fire resistance for your structure. Skywalker Windows & Siding specializes in blown insulation services, and we also work with other commonly-used insulation products. Let us provide your best insulation solution in Roanoke!

4. Fascia & Soffit Work

Fascia and soffit are both crucial support elements for your roof’s infrastructure, and they also help provide vital ventilation of moisture and heat for your attic and roof. Fascia and soffit are also visible elements of your building’s exterior that factor into the value of its curbside appearance. The pros at Skywalker Windows & Siding have extensive experience in all aspects of roof support systems, and we’re your go-to choice for fascia and soffit installation and replacement in and around Roanoke.

5. Gutter Installation

Gutters may not be one of the more glamorous parts of your home or business, but they serve an incredibly important function – they drain water from your roof, and help direct that water away from everything your roof covers! Skywalker Windows & Siding has the right tools, the right materials, and the right knowledge to provide the best in seamless gutter installation and replacement services for residential and commercial applications, including preferred leaf-and-debris gutter guard options.

6. Roofing Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Roofing services are really where Skywalker cut its teeth. We are THE best local choice for home and commercial roof installation, repair, and replacement, and we only work with top products from the best manufacturers like Owens Corning and DaVinci. If you’d like to learn more about our shingle roof, metal roof, slate, wood shake, flat roofing, or other services, head on over to our Skywalker Roofing site! Nobody does roofing in Roanoke better than Skywalker!

Our Recent Project in Roanoke, NC

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Why Choose Skywalker in Roanoke?

Skywalker Windows & Siding is one of the highest-rated, most dependable companies serving Roanoke, along with other key regions of North Carolina and Virginia. We’re proud to be a BBB-Accredited Business, and we’re especially proud to consistently maintain BBB’s top rating of A+. We’ve earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award every single year since 2013, and we’ve also garnered other awards at both regional and national levels.

Skywalker is a well-established company; we’ve been in business since 2003. Our team has well over 100 combined years of experience in helping area homeowners and business owners with their home improvement needs. There are many contractors in and around Southwestern Virginia, but not all companies are the same. While most other contractors won’t go the extra mile with you, at Skywalker going the extra mile for our customers is the standard we set for ourselves every single day. We’re committed to deliver customer-driven, results-oriented solutions for every service we provide.

Don’t get left out in the rain when the storms of life roll in – contact Skywalker Windows & Siding for better peace of mind right now! Give us a call for all your windows, siding, and specialty home improvement services needs in Roanoke, and beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions

If your home windows are displaying any obvious cracks or damages, then you really don’t need to wait on a window replacement. In addition, if your windows show any ice buildup or frosty glazing during the winter, or are generally fogged with condensation in any season, it’s time for a replacement. You should also consider replacing any windows which are 25 years old or older, in order to gain the best possible energy efficiencies.

Different climates and styles of homes require different glazing options in order to best maximize potential energy efficiency. Some glazing options also do a good job of helping to reduce exterior noise pollution from infiltrating the home. For Roanoke, as well as for all of our service areas in VA and NC, Skywalker recommends a dual-sealed, triple-insulated glass with multiple Low E surfaces which are filled with argon or similar inert gas for maximum efficiency.

Impact-resistant glass is ideal for those living in areas prone to experiencing impact damage from storms or other activities. But whether that’s a concern for you or not, many homeowners choose impact-resistant glass for the additional sound reduction and security benefits it provides. Impact-resistant glass is designed to stay inside the frame when broken, so it’s a safer alternative to other glass products in any frame of reference.

The basic truth is that no glass product can completely prevent entry from would-be intruders. Any glass that is struck repeatedly with force, will break eventually. So, what’s the advantage of choosing impact-resistant glass for your windows? It’s engineered to remain inside the frame when broken, so any type of forced entry will be more time-consuming, cumbersome, and difficult for an intruder.

Skywalker is a local windows and siding professional, and we have an office right here in Roanoke, VA. Unlike some other windows or siding contractors you may have encountered in the area, we’re actually licensed, bonded, and insured. That means we’re able to deliver the timely home improvement services you need, while also providing the peace of mind you deserve. Get in touch with us today!

Skywalker is happy to install many premium window replacement options in Roanoke and southern VA. If you’re looking for a high-performance, low-maintenance window that’s more affordable, then a vinyl replacement window product is a great choice. Prefer the classic, warm, elegant beauty of natural wood windows? We install those, as well. Or maybe you’d like a clad combination window with wood on the interior and vinyl on the exterior. We offer plenty of options there, too.

We recommend that you stay away from pressure washers. While a pressure washer offers plenty of cleaning power, it can also blow water into your underlayment, resulting in unwanted moisture damage. It’s generally better to apply a mild cleaning solution, allow it to soak, and then spray it off with a garden hose attachment. Just apply a little extra elbow grease for any particularly troublesome spots.

That’s a great question. Start by making sure they’re a company with a real local presence, who’s actually done some local jobs in your area. Ask around to learn about their reputation. Check their reviews on places like Google, Facebook, BBB, and GuildQuality, too. You’ll find that in Roanoke and southern VA, nobody comes better recommended than Skywalker Windows & Siding!


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