Storm Doors Overview

As popular as screen doors became across the post-Civil War South, most Midwestern homes and buildings started out with wood storm doors. These storm doors were advertised in the late 1800s as a way to save on coal heating costs. But no matter whether you’re looking to keep the cold air out, let the fresh air in, or both – modern storm doors serve all these functions, and more!

Storm Door Features and Considerations

People often use the terms interchangeably, but there really is a difference between screen doors and storm doors. Screen doors often take a simpler design, and are mainly intended to let air and light in while also keeping bugs out. Storm doors, on the other hand, are usually a good bit sturdier in construction, and feature large glass panes. They also often include a screen which is either retractable or removable, but they’re intended to deliver another layer of protection from the threats of rain, storm, and wind whenever a storm blows in. Here are some features that many like to look for when shopping for storm doors:

Pet Doors

Pet Doors

Having said that, some pet owners appreciate having a storm door with a built-in pet door, so their pets have the freedom to go out and come back in as needed, when nature calls.



Unlike many entry doors, storm doors don’t typically come pre-installed. That means you’ll have to pay attention to the “handedness” of the storm door you need to match your entry door system. For example, if your entry door opens to the right, then you’ll also want to choose a right-handed storm door to install.



Storm doors, which offer heavy-duty locks, three-point locking systems, and shatter-resistant laminated glass, serve to boost your level of home security. They’re also better-suited for keeping both small children and pets inside.

Hydraulic or Pneumatic Closers

Hydraulic or Pneumatic Closers

Hydraulic or pneumatic closers serve the function of preventing storm door from being opened or slammed shut too quickly by a gust of wind, or by a young child. These closers also help to prolong the life of your storm door, and they help to reduce operational door noise, too.

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Storm Door Benefits

Storm doors deliver some specific benefits for your home environment, too. Here are a few key reasons for adding a storm door to your home’s exterior entrances:

• Ventilation

Like the original screen doors which preceded them, storm doors are also available with several screen options which allow you to let in some needed fresh air or ventilation.

• Let In Some Natural Light

There are lots of benefits – including better breathing health and better vision – that are associated with letting in as much natural light into your home as possible. A clear glass or screen also allows you, your children, and your pets to be able to see what’s going on outside.

• Protection & Safety

Storm doors serve to provide immediate protection for your entry doors themselves, and the right storm door with the right hardware also delivers an additional layer of security between your home and any unwanted intruders.

• Greater Energy Cost Savings

Saving money on heating and air costs is of primary concern to most every American these days, and putting in the right storm doors can make a significant positive impact. Studies show that adding a storm door can improve the energy efficiency of your entryways by up to 80%!

Popular Storm Door Styles

Many storm door products are made from lightweight aluminum over a rigid foam core, but modern storm door offerings also include steel-clad and vinyl-clad glass-encased options with custom hardware. Here’s a short overview of some of the more popular storm door styles available today:


As the name implies, these storm doors offer a large frame of vision for views of the outdoors. They include a relatively narrow frame around the door perimeter, which encases a full-length glass panel. Many designs actually break the door into two top-and-bottom panes. In most cases, the top pane slides down, and a retractable screen can be moved into place to allow for protected ventilation. This is called a “self-storage” configuration, and is a popular feature for modern storm doors in general.


These storm doors are solid on the bottom half, and the top half includes one or two glass panes which operate in a self-storage manner that operates similarly to that of a full-view storm door.


High-view storm doors offer even more privacy. There’s a single glass panel at the top, and the rest of the door is designed to be solid. The glass pane may operate in a self-storage manner, or it can also be included as a fixed option.

Other Style Details

Nearly all storm doors come with tempered glass, and you can also choose double pane, triple pane, and even low-E glass options. Glass panels can be plain, etched, frosted, or stained, and operable mini-blinds can even be installed between the glass panes. Some storm door products come with standard handlesets and locking mechanisms, but you can also choose to customize your hardware and its functionality. And as mentioned above, some storm doors come with the option to include a built-in pet door, too. White and almond are the two most popular storm door colors, but many manufacturers also offer a greater range of color selection.

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