What to Expect from Us

When you choose to partner with Skywalker to provide you with needed home or business improvement services, what can you expect the experience to be like?

We Treat Every Customer as Though They

Are Our ONLY Customer

We treat every customer as though they are our only customer” isn’t just some snappy-sounding tagline for Skywalker; it’s really how we do business every day! From your initial contact with Skywalker all the way through until we clean up after your finished project, you’ll be treated with dignity and respect, and we’ll professionally respond to any question or concern you might have. We’ll follow up with you afterwards, too, to see how it’s going and to learn whether there’s anything we could be doing better.

Here’s What You Can Expect During Your Experience with Skywalker:

Initial Phone Call
Skywalker Windows and Siding
You’ll be greeted in a warm, professional, and friendly manner.
Skywalker Windows and Siding
We’ll listen to your initial needs and concerns, and schedule a time to come out for a free inspection and consultation.
Free Inspection and Consultation
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Our personal consultant will arrive on time.
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Our personal consultant will inspect your building and gather all the needed information to help you consider the best options for addressing your project needs.
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Our personal consultant will also take the time to listen, will answer all your questions, and will make sure you have enough information to be able to make the best decision for you and your family (or for you and your business).
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Our personal consultant will share all the relevant material, product, and service options that are available to you.
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Our personal consultant will also cover financing and payment options.
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Finally, our personal consultant can assist you with all the necessary paperwork to go ahead and get the ball rolling on your project!
Scheduling Process and the Project Itself
Skywalker Windows and Siding
After all the needed paperwork has been completed and submitted, you should receive a call from our project manager to schedule your job.
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Our crews arrive on time (usually between 7-8 AM).
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Materials are normally delivered the same day they are to installed, but occasionally may arrive the day before installation.
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Once your installation/replacement/repairs are complete, our crew will then conduct a thorough clean-up to make sure we leave your property in the same or better condition as when we arrived.
Skywalker Windows and Siding
We’ll then conduct a final walk-around with you to ensure that you’re pleased with the job and, if needed, we’ll make any necessary adjustments.
Follow Up
Skywalker Windows and Siding
After your job is complete, you will receive a follow-up call from our Customer Service Manager to see how everything is going, and to make sure we’ve met all your expectations. We love to hear your feedback! We use this information from our customers to continually assess our staff, and to make any changes necessary to ensure your experience with Skywalker is the best it can possibly be. We’d also appreciate it if you’d give us a review, and share your experiences with our team!

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