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Looking for a high-performance, low-maintenance window at an attractive price point? Perhaps it’s time you considered some quality vinyl replacement windows; Skywalker can help!

Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

Just as vinyl siding has become the most popular siding material in America, more and more people are now realizing the benefits of choosing vinyl-framed windows. They generally come at lower cost than other window materials, they provide good energy performance, they never need painting, and they can be fabricated in a number of attractive colors and designs.

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Skywalker Windows and Siding
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Some of the Window Types

Since modern windows and replacement windows come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs, we thought we’d briefly explain and summarize some of the major window types that are available to you.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding

Double-hung windows are the most common type of windows found in U.S. homes. These are traditional, top-and-bottom rectangular windows featuring a grid of smaller rectangular panes. Both the top and bottom windows can be raised to open, lowered to close, and come in a wide variety of frame materials, including vinyl, wood, and aluminum.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding

Single-hung windows look basically identical to double hung windows, with the main difference being that only the bottom window moves. The top sash is fixed, one advantage of which being the fact that it provides a firm seal against the elements.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Casement Windows

Casement windows are contemporary-looking and convenient. The window is mounted on hinges, and the window can be cranked or pushed open or shut manually or with an automated mechanism. They are more energy efficient than some other window styles, and they can come in single frame or double casement window arrangements.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Awning Windows

Awning windows have a similar design to casement windows, but are mounted differently. An awning window’s hinges are mounted at the top, rather than on the sides like a typical casement window.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Bay Windows

Bay windows offer many attractive features, including panoramic views, plenty of natural light, cross breeze ventilation, and they add a little more square footage to your home’s interior. They also add some interesting dimension to the exterior of your home. Bay windows come in both casement and double-hung designs.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Bow Windows

Bow windows have a similar design and function to bay windows, with the main difference being that bow windows project out in a curved arc, where traditional bay windows have more of an angular geometry.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Slider windows

Slider windows work exactly the way they sound – they open and close by sliding horizontally along their frame. Unlike double-hung windows with their grid of smaller panes, slider windows offer larger, more unbroken views. Single-slider windows have only one sliding sash, while with a double-slider window both ends can be opened and shut independently.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Architectural Shapes

Architectural shape windows are a type of specialty window that highlight your home’s design with attractive geometric patterns, including octagon, trapezoid, triangle, elliptical, colonial arch, full circle, etc. Most architectural shape windows are fixed, meaning they don’t open and close, but they can be arranged around and alongside other movable windows, like sliders.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Picture Windows

A picture window is typically a large, fixed window with large panes that allow for grand, unobstructed views. Picture windows do come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but are most common in homes with high ceilings or vaulted ceilings. While picture windows don’t offer any ventilation, they do provide rooms with an abundance of natural light.

Features of Vinyl Windows

Let’s look closer at a few of the features of vinyl that make it an attractive option for your windows:

  • Attractive and Versatile: Modern vinyl can be crafted to include some texture if you like, and can even be produced to mimic the look of wood grain. With vinyl, you can have the look of wood without all of wood’s maintenance requirements!
  • You Want Colors? Vinyl Has Them: Vinyl can be produced in many attractive colors, and the color is blended into the vinyl itself. One nice benefit of this feature is the fact that vinyl NEVER needs painting or repainting!
  • Low Maintenance: A wood or metal window frame will require more maintenance than a vinyl frame, period. No painting or staining necessary with vinyl, and when it’s time to clean your vinyl window, just a little soap and water is all you’ll need.
  • Energy Efficient: You may have heard that wood is naturally good insulator. That’s true, but vinyl windows are very energy efficient, too. In fact, the hollow cavities of some vinyl frames can actually be filled with insulation, making them even thermally superior to wood frames or standard vinyl frames.
  • Cost Efficient: Vinyl is cheaper than other window materials, is a durable material, and won’t rot or corrode. With correct installation and minimal ongoing care, vinyl windows can last you a long, long time!

Quality Vinyl Window Products Offered by Skywalker

Skywalker is proud to partner with three preferred providers of vinyl windows: Pella Windows, Aspect Windows by ProVia, and West Window Corporation.

Pella is one of the premier window providers in America, and its 250 Series offers smooth, clean lines with a higher quality look than ordinary vinyl. These windows provide exceptional energy efficiency with double- or triple-pane glass options, come in many popular colors, and also include Pella’s exclusive weather repel system.

Aspect Windows by ProVia come in all popular window styles including double-hung, slider, picture, casement & awning, hopper, and architectural shape windows. They also feature ProVia’s patented SunShield vinyl, which is formulated to better withstand the harsh effects of both weather and UV radiation from the sun.

Skywalker is also proud to partner with West Window Corporation, who manufactures quality vinyl windows right up the road in Martinsville, VA. These windows are also available in several popular styles including single-hung, double-hung, casement & awning, bay, bow, storm windows, and vinyl impact windows that are specially designed to withstand the challenges presented by hurricane-force winds.

No matter what kind of vinyl window you’re looking for, Skywalker has several quality product options to meet your needs, and we have the tools, experience, and know-how to provide you with the best vinyl window installation services, too!

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