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We Treat Every Customer As Though
They Are Our Only Customer

If there’s anything you need to know about us, it’s this: we treat every customer as though they are our ONLY customer.

Since establishing Skywalker in 2003, owner Luke Wilson has been committed to ensuring that each customer receives the personalized attention they deserve. We believe this has been a key factor in our continued growth as an organization, and we’ve expanded our service area to now include all of the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Charlotte Metro, and Roanoke, VA communities.

Our growing loyal client base hasn’t stopped us from continuing to provide everyone with quality workmanship, either. Every windows, siding, or home improvement project is different; we never apply a one-shoe-fits-all solution to any situation. Our team of trained professionals has the tools, skills, experience, and know-how to meet all of your individual needs.

Skywalker Windows and Siding

At Skywalker Windows and Siding, we’re about more than just providing the best windows, siding, and home improvement services. We’re about helping people, personally connecting with our customers, and benefiting the communities in which we serve.

Skywalker Windows and Siding

Simply put, we believe that integrity still matters – in business, and in life. At Skywalker, we want to earn your trust by providing clear, 2-way communication (not just talking, but also taking the time to listen to you), doing what we say we will do, and standing behind every promise we make and every service we provide.

Skywalker Windows and Siding
Endless Pursuit of Excellence

A truly excellent company is made up of people who truly value excellence themselves. Our hiring process hinges on choosing team members who share our Skywalker values, and we also equip our team with opportunities for both personal and professional development. You’ll find no more dedicated team than Skywalker, and no other contractor provides a better level of workmanship, follow-through, or customer service, either.

Skywalker Windows and Siding
Servant Hearts

At Skywalker, we believe in a heart, mind, and attitude of service, and we seek to model this in everything we do. Doing everything with excellence is important to us, but doing things for the right reasons is even more important. Beyond the services we provide to our customers, we’re always looking for ways we can contribute by serving our greater community, as well.

We Give Back

How an organization gives back reveals a lot about who they are, and we’re proud to share a little about some projects we support to serve those in need – one with a local focus, and one with a more global scope:

No Roof Left Behind

No Roof Left Behind

At Skywalker Windows and Siding, we believe in doing our part to help make the world a better place. Our No Roof Left Behind (NRLB) program has helped many deserving local families to get the roof they need, but for a variety of reasons just aren’t able to afford. With each round of NRLB, we invite local residents to nominate a homeowner they feel deserving to receive a FREE roof. We then invite members of our Skywalker community to vote for a finalist based on the condition of their current roof, their demonstrated level of need, and their personal story. No Roof Left Behind has truly become one of our favorite things we do at Skywalker! For Skywalker, NRLB isn’t just a PR move; it’s really an extension of who we are. Luke Wilson says that every time he participates in helping a deserving family get a needed roof, it energizes him and reminds him of why he founded Skywalker in the first place – to help people!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding

Skywalker Windows and Siding

Amor Ministries – Building Homes & Creating Jobs

Families gripped by deep poverty are faced with a gut-wrenching question: How will I provide for my family? By mobilizing a community of generous donors and volunteers, Amor Ministries makes it possible for these families to move forward with a renewed sense of hope.

1980, Amor has been serving some of the poorest people in Mexico, South Africa, and other locations around the world. Amor’s main purpose is to meet tangible needs that help keep families together. They do this by providing homes, jobs, food, clothing, backpacks filled with school supplies, Christmas presents, winter relief items, and water filters.

Skywalker Roofing is proud to have sponsored 8 homes for deserving families in Juarez, Mexico so far, with more projects in the works! Click this link to learn more about Amor Ministries and about the help and hope they provide to those who live in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Meet Our Team

To be a part of the Skywalker team, the first thing we do during our hiring process is to determine whether the individual has the same values we possess. Regardless of any skills or experience an individual might bring to the table, above all we seek individuals with servant hearts, who truly desire to serve others.

The intentional culture and ongoing training system we have in place allows these individuals to really shine. Being a faithful servant and having a positive influence on others requires intentionality. It’s how we persevere through challenges that helps reveal and further develops our character.

The consistent effort of working with other like-minded individuals towards a common purpose helps us not only to succeed, but to demonstrate significance in the lives of those with whom we come into contact.

Skywalker Windows and Siding


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