Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular choice for kitchens, laundry rooms, sun rooms, and other areas where you’d just generally like to be able to let in lots of sunshine and fresh air. They are very contemporary-looking and convenient, and are designed for easy opening and shutting.

Casement Window Design & Features

Casement windows are generally rectangular in shape, and are attached to one side of the frame with hinges. Each window sash swings open outwards, and is easily manipulated with a simple turn of the crank handle. Casement windows come in a variety of frame material options, and are available in both single-frame and double-casement window arrangements.

Here are a few more key features of casement windows:

  • Provide a clear, unobstructed view to the outdoors
  • Designed to open and close easily with little effort
  • Great option for spots that can be difficult to reach, including over kitchen sinks and in certain bathroom configurations
  • Modern casement window products are designed to be much more energy efficient than their predecessors
  • Offer more effective ventilation possibilities than other window styles
  • Require less maintenance than some other window types
  • Can be paired with architectural shape windows or other fixed window styles for a distinct look with added functionality
  • Available in many custom sizes, grille patterns, and materials
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More Benefits of Casement Windows

Casement windows are easily opened outwards to the left or right with a simple-to-operate crank. So not only does this style of window offer great ventilation and wide-open views, but it’s also well-suited for places that can be hard to reach. Operating a casement window crank also takes less effort than lifting a double-hung window or pushing open a slider window. This makes casement windows for user-friendly for senior adults, or for people with some physical limitations. Properly-sealed casement windows are also incredibly energy efficient, so they can help you save on your energy bills, too.

Some Smart Choices for Casement Window Products

With all the window manufacturers on the market these days, how do you decide which product to choose for your casement window needs? If you’re looking for an affordable vinyl window option that outperforms other windows in its class, you might start by considering the Aspect vinyl window series from ProVia. These windows are extremely durable and energy efficient, and Aspect Casement windows come standard with a multi-point locking hardware system and Aspect’s patented SunShield Vinyl. Prefer to shop local? WestView Casement windows are made right up the road in Martinsville, VA, and are a great choice to add some flair your bathroom, kitchen, or other room locations. The one-inch insulated glass and multi-cavity vinyl frames also combine to reduce outside noise. You can also never go wrong with one of the Casement window options from Pella, one of the most respected names in the window manufacturing industry. Both their 350 Series and Lifestyle Series have garnered Energy Star’s Most Efficient rating, and their casement windows are known to deliver superior performance and craftsmanship.

Skywalker Offers and Installs a Full Selection of Quality Casement Windows

At Skywalker Windows & Siding, we are happy to provide quality casement windows from top manufacturers like ProVia, West Window Corporation, and Pella. Casement windows look great in modern homes and businesses, and they offer ease of functionality you don’t get from some other window designs. All of our casement windows can also be customized with various frame, hardware, and grid options.

No matter what type of material or style of product you’re considering for your window replacement though, Skywalker has several amazing product options that will meet – and even exceed – your expectations. More importantly, we also have all the needed tools, know-how, and experience to offer you the very best window installation services in NC and VA. If you have any questions, or are just ready to get started, give us a shout today! We’d welcome the opportunity to be able to show you the Skywalker difference!

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