K Style Gutters

K-Style Gutters are the most popular style in America – they’re durable, they can move a lot of water, and they’re simpler to install than Half Round Gutters.

K-Style Gutters – Most Widely-Used Gutters in the U.S.

The best way to protect your roof, siding, foundation, and basement (if you have one) is by installing a gutter system that works. Simply put, K-style gutters work, and they work well. It’s no accident that nearly 80% of gutters installed in America today are K-style gutters. Both homeowners and roofing contractors appreciate this gutter style for its combination of durability and greater ease of installation.
K-style gutters are more durable, and their design is more conducive for handling water, withstanding fallen debris, and prevention of bending. K-style gutters are also a natural choice for custom-produced seamless gutters, and they can be produced from a number of materials, including aluminum, galvalume metal, galvanized steel, and copper. In addition, K-style gutters are generally cheaper to produce and install than the older half-round gutter style.

Some Benefits of K-Style Gutters
K-style gutters really do have many positive features that make them attractive to homeowners, business owners, and roofing contractors alike:

  • The K-style gutter has a more stylish appearance
  • Designed to conduct more water than half-round gutters
  • Sturdier and more durable than half-round
  • Can be attached directly to your roof’s fascia board easier than half-round gutters
  • Can be seamlessly-produced in many popular materials, including aluminum, galvalume metal, galvanized steel, and copper
  • Commonly available in both 5” and 6” diameters, with the option for other size options
  • The one main disadvantage of the K-style is that it’s a little harder to clean than a half-round gutter. However, gutter guards can easily be added to any K-style gutter.
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Why Are They Called K-Style, Anyway?

The name “K-style” is said to come from the fact that the side profile of this gutter vaguely resembles the letter “K.” Still, some folks can stare at the gutter all day and never really see the “K” … In truth, this gutter style got its name from being included 11th on an alphabetically-organized listing of the 12 most common gutter types. “K” is, in fact, the 11th letter of the alphabet, so that’s why these gutters have come to be known as “K-style.” The more you know!

Regardless of whether you can see the “K” or not, the K-style is a well-designed gutter. The back and bottom sides of the gutter are relatively square, while the front-facing side has a curvature to it that mimics the look of crown molding that is commonly seen in the interior of many buildings.

What Size K-Style Gutter Is Best?

To determine the size and capacity needs for your K-style gutter system, you’ll need to factor in things like the size of your home, the slope of your roof, and the typical amount of rain and snow you receive annually in your area. 5”-diameter gutters are a common standard for residential K-style gutters, but they can also be produced in 6”, 7”, 8”, or other custom sizes, depending on the roofing contractor/manufacturer.

If you’re not sure which size gutter is right for you, don’t sweat trying to do the math yourself! The pros at Skywalker Windows & Siding will be happy to help you assess your gutter needs, and can help counsel you about the best diameter size for your particular building. Skywalker can also produce seamless K-style gutters for your home or business right on site, as well!

Why Skywalker Windows & Siding is Your Go-To Choice for K-Style Gutters

Looking for a local contractor you can trust to provide the best seamless K-style gutter installation? Skywalker Windows & Siding serves the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, and Roanoke, VA areas, and we do much more than just windows and siding. We’re also experts at all things roofing, and we can custom-build and install your K-style gutters right at your residence or place of business.

Skywalker is one of the highest-rated, most-awarded contractors you’ll find anywhere, and we are your BEST choice for gutters, roofing, windows, siding, and other building improvement services.

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