Bay Windows

Bay windows have been popular for generations. They’re a great way to add some interesting dimensional space to your home without taking up any additional wall space. They let in natural light, offer up some nice views, and also include a deep sill area for plants or decorations.

Bay Window Design & Features

Bay windows project outwards from the building’s interior, and typically include one larger central window and two smaller side windows. The central window is usually fixed, and is arranged such that it is parallel to the existing wall. The side windows are commonly placed at either 30- or 45-degree angles, but other angle configurations may also be available depending on the product you choose. The side windows may be fixed, but more commonly are either double-hung or casement windows.

Here are a few more key features of bay windows:

  • Provide a wide, panoramic view of the outdoors
  • Create both aesthetic and functional appeal
  • Bay window sill space can be used for displaying plants or other items, and can sometimes even be used as a sitting area.
  • Great source of natural light for any kitchen, living room, or master bedroom
  • In conjunction with side casement or double-hung windows, bay windows offer nice ventilation and take advantage of cross breezes
  • Make a perfect accompaniment to seating or eating areas
  • Available in many custom sizes, grille patterns, and frame materials
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Some Smart Options for Bay Window Products

There are many manufacturers of bay windows on the market, but not all bay windows are made with the same level of quality. If you’re looking for an affordable vinyl bay window option that outperforms other similar windows, you could start by taking a look at the Aspect vinyl window series from ProVia. These windows are durable, energy efficient, and the operable windows also come with built-in screens. Are you someone who prefers to buy local? Bay windows from the West Window Corporation are made just up the road in Martinsville, VA. You can customize the bay window angle, unit depth, number and location of vents, grid choice, and other features. Many quality bay window products are also offered by Pella, one of the most respected names in today’s window market. They offer maintenance-free vinyl, Duracast fiberglass composite with wood, custom wood interiors, and integrated blinds and shades, among other window options.

Skywalker Offers and Installs Only the Best Bay Windows

At Skywalker Windows & Siding, we are happy to provide quality bay windows from top manufacturers including ProVia, West Window Corporation, and Pella. Bay windows look fantastic in your home or business, and they offer a depth and perspective that isn’t available from standard, flat windows.


No matter what type of design or style of window you’re looking for, Skywalker offers an array of window products that will meet – and even exceed – your expectations. But picking the right window is only half the battle; it’s just as important to choose the right contractor to partner with for installation and service. Skywalker is proud to possess all the needed tools, know-how, and experience to be able to provide the very best window installation services in NC and VA. Got more window questions? Ready to get started on finding your perfect windows? Reach out to us today, we’d love to chat about your needs. Come experience the Skywalker difference for yourself!



More Features & Customization Options with Bay Windows

The integrated sash lift with double-hung windows makes them easier to lift than older, traditional windows. Alternatively, you can also opt to include casement windows on each side which are simple to open with the simple turn of a crank. Both the double-hung and casement window designs come with many other available options as well, including autolock hardware, vent stops, and advanced insulation. You can also design your central main window to look most any way you like. Bay windows are versatile, attractive, and practical additions to any home or business, and also come with available integrated blinds and shades if you like.

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