Bow Windows

Like bay windows, bow windows are another popular window design with multipurpose applications. They allow you to branch out and create more interior space without having to put on an addition. Bow windows are also a beautiful, energy-efficient way for you to enjoy your home or business even more, both inside and out.

Bow Window Design & Features

People often confuse bow windows with bay windows, since they are so similar in both name and basic function. What’s the difference? While bay windows project outwards in a three-part angular or boxed shape, bow windows are comprised of four or more window units that are joined together to form a curved arc. In many cases, the central units of a bow window are fixed, with the outer windows being either double-hung or casement, but you can really choose any combination of fixed or venting windows.

Here are a few more key features of bow windows:

  • Provide a nice, panoramic view that includes additional depth of window access
  • Add style and dimension to both the interior and exterior of your home or business
  • Deeper window can be used for plants or decorations, and can even add some extra seating space
  • Makes any room look and feel bigger and brighter
  • Opting for venting windows offers some wonderful ventilation possibilities
  • The graceful arc of a bow window adds a certain charm you don’t get with other windows
  • Available in many custom sizes, grille patterns, and frame materials
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Some Smart Options for Bow Window Products

There are many manufacturers of bow windows, but some bow windows are clearly better than others. Looking for an affordable vinyl bow window option that looks great and performs well? Take a look at the Aspect vinyl window series from ProVia. These windows are durable, energy efficient, and the operable, vented windows also come with built-in screens. Would you rather give your business to a local window manufacturer? Bow windows from the West Window Corporation are crafted right up the road in nearby Martinsville, VA. You can customize the type of glass, unit depth, number and location of vents, grid choice, and other components. For a premium option, you really can’t beat the quality of windows made by Pella, and they offer several options for bow window products. They offer maintenance-free vinyl, Duracast fiberglass composite with wood, custom wood interiors, and integrated blinds and shades, among other window customization possibilities.

Skywalker Offers and Installs Only the Best Bow Windows

At Skywalker Windows & Siding, we are happy to provide quality bow windows from top manufacturers featuring ProVia, West Window Corporation, and Pella. Bow windows create a truly beautiful view of the world around you, and they’re a wonderful way to enhance the look of your home or business, too.


No matter what type of design or style of windows you’re considering, Skywalker offers only the best window products to meet, and even exceed, all of your expectations. But choosing the right windows isn’t enough. You really also need to find the right contractor partner for proper window installation and service. Thanks to our extensive training, knowledge, tools, and experience, Skywalker is the name you can trust to provide the best window installation and replacement services in NC and VA. Got more questions about windows? Ready to go ahead and get started? Go ahead and give us a call, we’d love to have the opportunity to serve you. Give us a try, and experience the Skywalker difference for yourself!

More Features & Customization Options with Bow Windows

You choose the frame material you prefer, and you also have several options for colors and grille patterns. If you opt to include casement windows, they can be opened with the ease of a simple crank turn. The venting windows come with many other available options too, like autolock hardware, vent stops, and advanced insulation. Want to include a designated window seat? You certainly can! Bow windows look great in pretty much any traditional style of American home, and they’re well-suited for more modern home styles, too.

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