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ProVia’s name reflects their commitment to build windows (along with all of their other products) The Professional Way. They have chosen to cater to the niche of people who demand highly-customizable replacement windows that are also crafted with outstanding quality. Each of ProVia’s custom windows lines is designed to be the best in the market; their goal is to set the standard for truly professional-class windows. Here are a few of their popular product lines available for installation by the team of professionals at Skywalker:

Aspect Vinyl Windows

Aspect Vinyl Windows

Looking for the best choice in a mid-range home window? You’ll find it in ProVia’s Aspect Window Series! These windows are ProVia’s answer for homeowners who are looking for a better quality window that really outperforms other mid-range vinyl window products. Aspect vinyl windows are similar in construction to ProVia’s top-of-the-line Endure windows, offering a multi-chambered frame and sash, triple weather-stripping, and ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing. How good are Aspect windows? They come with a lifetime limited warranty on materials and product workmanship, that’s even transferable to the next homebuyer! In other words, they’re built to last!

Aeris Wood+Vinyl Windows

Aeris Wood+Vinyl Windows

Perhaps you’re on the market for something besides all-vinyl windows. Got some wood windows you need to replace? ProVia’s Aeris Window Series delivers the genuine look of real wood, while also delivering the superior performance of vinyl. Aeris is considered by many to be best-in-class for wood-clad vinyl windows. They are uniquely engineered through a patented system which fully integrates real wood interior framing with maintenance-free vinyl frame exteriors. The interior frames don’t just look like wood; they actually feature pre-finished interiors made from real oak, cherry, or maple. Aeris windows are truly beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient!

Endure Vinyl Windows

Endure Vinyl Windows

The incredibly energy-efficient Endure line reflects some of the best vinyl replacement windows you’ll find anywhere, period. Endure windows are engineered to maximize energy efficiency while also displaying some stunning beauty. These traits help the Endure line to live up to its billing of being the best-of-the-best among vinyl windows. In fact, according to the results of a 2019 nationwide study of professional remodelers, ProVia’s windows were rated #1 for vinyl window quality! Endure windows come in all popular styles including double-hung, slider, casement, bay, and more, and they’re also available in multiple window glass options.

EcoLite Vinyl Windows

EcoLite Vinyl Windows

If you’re operating on a more limited budget, but are still looking for a quality vinyl replacement window option, then the ecoLite Window Series from ProVia is your answer! It offers the right combination of sturdy construction and energy efficiency, making these vinyl windows the best you can get in the economy-class category. These windows are Energy Star certified, meaning they’re reliably energy-efficient to help save you money in heating and air costs. ecoLite vinyl windows come in five popular styles and are perfect solutions for both single-family and multi-family homes.

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A Few Features & Benefits of ProVia Windows

Whether you’re launching into new construction or are simply remodeling your existing home, choosing the right windows can help to make all the difference. ProVia windows really are The Professional Way to go! All of their window products offer several notable features, including the following:

• Energy Efficient

Many today are concerned about minimizing their ecological footprint for the benefit of both present and future generations on Earth. But no matter where you rate yourself on the environmentally-conscious scale, we know that energy efficiency still matters to you. Having the right windows installed will end up saving you money on your energy costs, period. And the good news? ALL FOUR of ProVia’s main window series meet the minimum criteria to be designated as Energy Star-certified products.

• Customizable

Is the ability to customize your windows to match your individual style and preferences a quality that you value? Each of ProVia’s window lines includes a substantial degree of customization capabilities. Not only can you match your available space requirements, but you can also get the window functionality, style, and look that you want, including popular window designs, finishes, grid options, and glass options.

• Insulated Glass

Speaking of glass, the glass design and technology you choose for your windows matters, too. ProVia’s Aeris, Endure, and Aspect lines all feature the ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing System, which also features Super Spacer Reverse Dual Seal Technology. What does all of that mean? It means you’ll enjoy reduced heat loss, warmer glass temperatures, and reduced interior condensation. You can also opt for a high-performance, low-E coating to improve UV protection.

• Security

Did you know that your windows are typically your most fragile – and therefore, most vulnerable – home entry point? Most burglars and thieves will start by trying to enter your windows; are yours engineered to better withstand a potential intruder? ProVia windows come standard with extra-strength hardware that can help to keep your valuables (and your occupants) safer.

• 40+ Years of Excellence

ProVia has been in business for a long time – for over 40 years, in fact! During those decades of service, one thing has remained constant. ProVia has always paid careful attention to both the professionalism and performance of their products. They refuse to cut corners, and they never sidestep even the very smallest of details.

Recent Windows Completed Projects

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Recent Windows Completed Projects
Recent Windows Completed Projects
Recent Windows Completed Projects
Recent Windows Completed Projects

Who is ProVia?

“Via” is Latin for “the way” or “the road,” and when it comes to professional-grade windows, ProVia is a great road to take! This Ohio-based, family-owned business has offered exceptional window, door, siding, stone, and other home improvement products since 1977. Their catalogue includes an impressive range of professional-class home construction & replacement materials. Skywalker Windows & Siding is proud to have been an official installer of ProVia products for years!

Choose Skywalker to Install Your ProVia Windows in NC & VA

Skywalker Windows & Siding only partner with the best manufacturers and providers for serving the needs of our customers in NC & VA, and we’re proud to partner with ProVia for both window and door products. Plus, no matter what type of window, door, siding, or other valuable home improvement service you may need, Skywalker has all the needed tools, training, and experience to make sure we do the job right for you the first time, and every time! Connect with us today at (336) 265-9595, and experience the Skywalker Windows & Siding difference for yourself!

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