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When you think of shake siding, you’re probably thinking of cedar. Cedar lends a natural charm and beauty to practically any home exterior. However, natural wood siding comes with its own set of drawbacks too, starting with the fact that it’s a high-maintenance material. Thankfully, DaVinci has provided a better option. DaVinci polymer hand-split shakes deliver all the beauty of real cedar, without all the same ongoing maintenance needs. In fact, DaVinci polymer synthetic siding outperforms wood siding in essentially every category!

Polymer Siding Installation

There’s Vinyl Siding, and Then There’s Polymer Siding from DaVinci

Vinyl siding has become one of the most widely-produced and widely-installed siding solutions, not just in the U.S., but in the world. Vinyl is known for being a generally durable, low-maintenance product. Even so, DaVinci’s new line of synthetic shakes carries some distinct advantages over ordinary vinyl.

Both vinyl and polymer are types of plastic. Vinyl siding is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), while DaVinci polymer siding is made from 100% virgin polypropylene resins. What’s the difference? Here are a few points to note:

  • Polypropylene resin is known to be more sturdy and durable. Because of its chemical makeup, DaVinci synthetic siding is stronger than standard vinyl siding of the same thickness.
  • Polymer siding maintains its shape better, is less likely to warp, is more resistant to impact, and is better capable of withstanding high heat.
  • While both traditional vinyl and polypropylene resin are recyclable materials, polymer siding is actually more eco-friendly in terms of how it’s originally produced.
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Benefits of Polymer Siding from DaVinci

DaVinci is proud to say that their Hand-Split Shake Siding serves to expand the legacy of beauty … because what’s behind the beauty is genius. What’s so great about DaVinci polymer siding? Quite a bit!

• Genuine, Natural-Looking Beauty

DaVinci siding is modeled from actual hand-split wood shakes. The result? It gives your home exterior the beauty of real cedar, without all the accompanying maintenance. With DaVinci, you can achieve your aesthetic goals with a product that performs better than wood.

• Long-Lasting Color

DaVinci shakes are made of pure virgin resins, which are fortified with state-of-the-art UV stabilizers. In terms of color longevity, you really can’t beat it. As DaVinci likes to say, the color you pick is the color you keep – for life!

• More Durable than “Real” Wood

Rotting, curling, cupping, and splitting are all issues with “real” wood shakes. But with DaVinci, none of those issues are even a possibility. DaVinci Hand-Split Shakes are practically immune to weathering, and they never need painting either.

• Resistant to All Sorts of Threats

While the positive attributes of real cedar tend to fade and disappear over time, DaVinci polymer siding tiles are engineered to deliver reliable resistance to everything, including water absorption & penetration, mold, algae, fire, pests, impact, even salt air. That kind of performance is really hard to beat in a siding product, especially one that also happens to be beautiful!

• Great Warranty, Too

Some siding product manufacturer warranties are simply better than others. Looking for a siding solution that can really last you a lifetime? You’ve found it in DaVinci! DaVinci Hand-Split Shakes come with an impressive 50-year warranty against breakage and deterioration under normal weather and usage conditions.

DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding

Why choose DaVinci Hand-Split Shakes over natural wood shakes? DaVinci offers the superior performance of engineered polymer craftsmanship, along with the authentic look of natural, hand-split cedar shakes.

Here are some features of note with DaVinci polymer siding:

  • Widths of 8” and 10”
  • 5/8” tile thickness
  • 18” tall
  • Finished look creates an appearance of 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10” shakes
  • Can be installed at 6”, 7”, or 8” exposure
  • Thick construction, deep grooves, and realistic grain patterns combine to create dramatic shadows and visual richness.
  • Available in a large selection of colors and shades
  • Resistant to fading, cracking, pests, fire, freeze-thaw cycles, impact, water absorption, fungus, and more
  • 50-year manufacturer’s product warranty

Why Choose Skywalker Windows & Siding for Your DaVinci Siding Installation

DaVinci brings 20 years of proven experience in delivering superior roofing applications, and now their new line of Hand-Split Shake Siding is available, too. And not only is this siding beautiful enough to make you stand up and take notice; it’s engineered to stand up to whatever conditions your home may be asked to endure. DaVinci is on your side!

But no matter which siding materials you decide to go with, it’s also incredibly important to choose the right local service provider to make sure your siding gets installed correctly in the first place. Regardless of material or manufacturer, the #1 cause of siding problems down the road is improper installation. A botched installation can cause issues for you long before your siding itself has any material problems!

Looking for the highest-rated, most-trusted local provider of windows & siding services in NC and VA? Then look no further than the pros at Skywalker Windows & Siding! We’re a proud preferred partner of DaVinci polymer siding, plus we install other great siding products from makers like Norandex, Alside, and James Hardie.

We’re proud to serve the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Lake Norman area, and greater Roanoke & Southwestern VA region, and Skywalker does much more than just siding. We can help you with windows replacement, roof replacements, gutter & gutter guard installations, blown insulation services, porch & deck additions, and more. If you have an exterior home improvement need, we can take care of you! Reach out to us today at (336) 627-5596. We’d be honored to show you the Skywalker Windows & Siding difference!

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