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Tired of having to clean out those gutters? Skywalker Windows & Siding provides great Gutter Guard options that take the hard work out of gutter maintenance, and help prolong the life of your gutters!

Why Gutter Guards Are a Smart Addition to Your Gutter System

If you’re reading this, you probably already realize that gutters are an important component of your roofing system. Gutters safely drain water away from your roof and away from everything that’s underneath your roof covers. But what happens when the leaves come down in the fall, or when a storm blows some debris your roof’s way? Leaves and debris have a way of finding their way to your gutters. Gutters that become clogged lose their ability to direct the flow of water to the downspouts, leading to pooling of water in your gutters and on your roof, which can result in all sorts of problems.

There are only two solutions to addressing a stopped-up gutter:

  • Clean it out yourself, or pay someone to do it
  • Install a quality gutter guard to help prevent your gutters from becoming clogged in the first place!

How Gutter Guards Work
Basically, the function of a gutter guard is to allow water to flow through to your gutters, while preventing leaves or debris from gaining access. There are several gutter guard designs, but the most popular include screen, mesh, lattice, or helmet cover designs. Gutter guards can be constructed from a number of materials, but are commonly made of metal or vinyl.

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Benefits of Gutter Guards

There are many nice features that come along with installing a gutter guard; here are just a few:

  • Save You Time & Money: Without gutter guards, you’re going to have to clean those gutters yourself a couple times a year, which usually means having to climb a ladder and fish through your gutters by hand. Even if you use a blower or pressure washer, cleaning out gutters is a messy job, and can be downright dangerous if you have to get on your roof. Or you could choose to just pay someone to do it, but that can get expensive over time. Gutter guards can save you time and money, but cutting down on needed gutter maintenance!
  • Help Protect from Freezing Gutters and Ice Dams: When it comes to gutters, it’s not just leaves and debris you have to worry about. There are ice concerns, too. Since gutter guards help keep the water moving, there is also less concern about water getting trapped in your gutters and turning into expanding ice (which can damage your gutters) when the temperatures drop.
  • Less Fire Threat: With gutter guards in place, there won’t be any dry leaves or other organic matter filling up your gutters, so you’ll have less concerns about having accumulated flammable materials, especially in the event of a nearby wildfire.
  • Keep Critters From Breeding and Nesting: Another nice benefit of gutter guards is they provide less opportunity for insects, spiders, birds, and rodents to gain access to your gutters, roof, and attic. If they can’t get in, they can’t breed or build nests there, either!
  • Prolong the Life of Your Gutters: Gutter guards help prevent the accumulation of moisture, leaves, and debris. When these items are allowed to sit in your gutters for long periods of time, this increases the possibility of rust or corrosion, thus shortening the life of your gutters. Gutter guards help protect your investment!

Gutter Guards Featured by Skywalker

Skywalker Windows & Siding is proud to offer gutter guard solutions from three preferred providers:

  • Shur Flo Gutter Protection System: Shur Flo is a perforated aluminum drop-in for your gutters that allows rainwater to flow through its patented perf-flow filtration system. Leaves, pine needles, twigs, and small debris that accumulate on top are allowed to dry out and then simply blow away in the wind. Shur Flo has a low profile, and is essentially invisible from the ground.
  • Raindrop Gutter Guard System: Raindrop is also a drop-in gutter guard, but it’s made from heavy-duty vinyl and features a patented lattice grid filtration design. Raindrop Systems are designed to deliver more water volume than traditional screens or mesh, and they’re made to last. Raindrop carries a 20-year warranty – one of the best in the gutter guard industry.
  • Leaf Slugger Gutter Protection System: Made right down the road in Hickory, NC, Leaf Slugger is a gutter helmet system made with the thickest aluminum in the gutter guard industry. Leaf Slugger installs over your existing gutters without any need for modification, is available in a range of color options, and comes with a patented Speed Channel Hood and Speed Bracket System that delivers unparalleled performance. And unlike other gutter guard products, Leaf Slugger comes with a LIFETIME clog-free guarantee!

Why Choose Skywalker for Your Gutter Guard Needs?

While some types of gutter guards can be installed as a DIY project, why take that risk? Trust the same team of Skywalker pros that custom produces and installs perfect seamless gutters to take care of your gutter guard installation the right way, with the right tools, and the right attention to care and detail. Plus, we stand behind all of our products and services, including all manufacturer warranties as well as our own warranty for workmanship.

Nobody takes better care of your gutters, gutter guards, roofing, windows, siding, or other select home improvement services needs than Skywalker! Reach out to us today, and experience the Skywalker difference for yourself!

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Reach out to us today, and allow us to show you the Skywalker Windows & Siding difference!

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