Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular exterior siding choices in America, and for good reason – it combines lasting performance and low maintenance with beautiful aesthetics. Skywalker Windows & Siding can provide you with a perfect vinyl siding solution!

Vinyl Siding Installation

Planning a new construction, or looking to give your home or business exterior a face lift? If you’re trying to decide which siding material is right for you, there are several reasons to consider vinyl. Modern vinyl siding looks great, offers better insulation performance, is cheaper than some material alternatives, and can typically be installed fairly quickly.

Vinyl Siding Cost

There’s no simple answer to the question, “What will vinyl siding cost me?” The cost will really depend on several factors, including which vinyl siding product you choose, along with the size and shape of your home or business. Still, vinyl offers many affordable product options. At Skywalker Windows & Siding, we know that price matters to you, but we also know that when you invest in a siding solution you need a quality product that’s installed the right way. We are proud to stand behind the quality of our workmanship on any vinyl siding project, and we’ll be here for you if you need us down the road, too.

Skywalker Windows and Siding
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Skywalker Windows and Siding
Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
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Some of the Vinyl Siding Options

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Rustic Hill

Rustic Hill offers the look and texture of wood shake and shingle siding combined with the low-maintenance performance of vinyl. All the beauty of natural wood, without any of the hassle!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Home Accents

If you like the look of the cedar, but don’t want the hassles that come along with wood siding maintenance, then take a look at the Home Accents premium vinyl siding line. The cedar grain detail is striking, and this siding will really boost your home’s curb appeal!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Polar Wall Plus

Need a siding system that looks beautiful, and is also built to perform in all kinds of extreme weather conditions? The Polar Wall Plus! Insulated Siding System may be just right for you!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding

There’s vinyl siding, and then there’s super-premium vinyl siding. You can tell the difference with Sagebrush the moment you first see it and feel it. It’s thicker, straighter, and maintains smoother lines better than other vinyls. Looks great, year after year!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Great Barrier

Vinyl siding is designed to help protect your home’s exterior, but some siding offers better protection than others. If you’re looking for a siding product that offers a superior barrier of protection, you’ve found one – Great Barrier Premium Vinyl Siding!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Board and Batten

Board and Batten vertical-style siding is available from a number of manufacturers, but Board & Batten Premium Vertical Vinyl Siding is only available from Norandex. Keep reading to learn why Board & Batten from Norandex really is a superior choice!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Cedar Knolls

Looking for vinyl siding product that looks great, and also has a superior high wind rating? Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding offers a finish that really stands out, and Cedar Knolls really stands up to the elements, too.

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding

Need a vinyl siding product that offers reliable performance, and also comes at a more attractive price point? Sterling Deluxe Vinyl Siding from Norandex offers a perfect solution!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Woodsman Select

Ready to consider a premium vinyl siding product that features the warm, natural look of roughsawn cedar, comes in four distinctive profiles, and is available in a rich range of colors? Then you’re ready to consider Woodsman Select!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Summit Manor

Need to replace your vinyl siding on a budget, but still want a product that delivers a classic look with reliable performance? If so, you should take a closer look at Summit Manor Vinyl Siding from Norandex!

Skywalker Windows and SidingSkywalker Windows and Siding
Vinyl Soffit

If you’re planning to install or replace vinyl siding on your exterior walls, don’t forget about those important roof and porch overhang areas. Norandex doesn’t just do premium vinyl siding; they make quality Vinyl Soffit and Porch Ceilings, too.

More Reasons to Consider Vinyl

Here are some more specific features to consider where vinyl siding is concerned:

  • Beautiful and versatile: Vinyl siding has a clean, neat look on its own, but modern vinyl can also be designed to mimic the look of other materials, as well. For example, if you like the look of natural wood, there are some great vinyl products that mimic wood’s texture. Vinyl can even be made to appear like roughsawn cedar shakes or shingles. On top of that, vinyl comes in pretty much any color on the spectrum, so you can shape the display of your building’s exterior in almost any fashion.
  • Durable: Vinyl is a very durable product, especially when compared to a material like wood. The colors are infused into the vinyl, so fading is minimized, and repainting is never needed. Vinyl is also very resistant to moisture and pests, and some vinyl siding products have been tested to withstand wind gusts of well over 200 mph. Premier vinyl siding manufacturers like Norandex also guarantee their products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that’s even transferable to future owners of your home, should you ever decide to sell.
  • Very Low Maintenance: Certain materials (like cedar) require regular maintenance and periodic stripping and repainting. You won’t have any of those concerns if you choose vinyl! While no material is completely maintenance free, vinyl comes pretty close – it never needs repainting, it won’t fade, chip, crack, blister, or rot, and it’s pretty simple to clean with nothing more than a pressure washer.
  • Eco-Friendly, Too: Granted, vinyl is a petroleum-based product, so it sometimes isn’t seen as being “eco-friendly.” However, did you know that 60-70% of all vinyl products are made from recycled vinyl? While the top cap of vinyl siding is typically virgin material, the back ply usually contains a significant amount of recycled vinyl. During the manufacturing process, any vinyl siding that ends up not meeting spec is simply reground and then used in a future product – in other words, vinyl siding can be produced with essentially no waste. Another feature that makes vinyl eco-friendly is its longevity. Vinyl siding is engineered to last for decades, which in itself is an Earth-friendly proposition. The longer your vinyl siding lasts, the fewer of Earth’s resources you’ll have to use to replace it.

Why Choose Skywalker Windows & Siding for Your Vinyl Siding Needs?

While choosing the right type of siding is important, you also need to make sure you’re choosing a local contractor who can really take care of your needs. Skywalker has extensive experience working with vinyl, and our team has the training and the knowledge to do your vinyl siding project right.
Skywalker is one of the highest-rated, most-awarded contractors serving the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, and Roanoke, VA areas, and we’d be happy to come out and provide a free on-site inspection and consultation. Reach out to us today, and experience the Skywalker difference for yourself!

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