Casement and Slider Windows: Two Good Replacement Window Options to Consider

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Planning for Windows Replacement

Making plans to replace your old, cracked, or worn-out windows? Smart move. Modern replacement windows offer many benefits, including improved energy efficiency, greater ease of operation & maintenance, better home security, boosted curb appeal, and much more.


But which type of windows should you choose? Single-hung and double-hung are still the most popular styles in America, but you’ve got plenty of other window designs worth considering, too. Why settle for windows that simply raise and lower, when you’ve got some other great operable window options available to you? Let’s take a closer look at two alternative styles in particular: casement windows and slider windows.


Casement Windows: Design & Features

Casement windows follow a simple design model built around a framed glass panel. But instead of lifting and shutting vertically, a casement window is placed on side hinges which enable it to be opened inwards or outwards – with most typically designed to swing outwards. Most types of casement windows are easily operated by the simple turn of a hand crank. In addition, casement windows generally require less maintenance than other comparable window styles. They come in a variety of frame material options, and are also available in both single-frame and double-casement arrangements.

Casement window

Casement windows are a popular choice for harder-to-reach locations, like placement above a kitchen sink or laundry facility. They also work well in bay window configurations, sun rooms, and other interior locations where you’d like to be able to let in plenty of sunshine and fresh air.


The fact that they can be opened and closed with relatively little effort is one of their more attractive features. This makes casement windows a very user-friendly choice for children, senior adults, or people with other physical limitations. Properly-sealed casement windows are also known to be very energy-efficient, so they’re a good choice if you’re looking for some ways to save more on energy costs.


Slider Windows: Design & Features

More concerned about providing better security for your home? Then slider windows may be a better option for you. From the perspective of a property owner, slider windows are fairly simple to operate – but they’re much harder to break into from the outside. Like a casement window, slider windows are fairly simple in structure; they’re also based upon a basic framed glass panel. The key difference is that sliders windows don’t crank open; they’re actually built upon gliding tracks which enable them to slide open and shut with relative ease. Slider windows are somewhat similar to single-hung and double-hung windows in basic appearance, but they typically feature larger panes. Single-slider windows are built with one fixed sash and one operable sash, while double-slider windows feature two sashes which can be opened and shut independently of each other.

Slider window

Slider windows offer wide sightlines and unimpeded views. Like casement windows, these are also well-suited for hard-to-reach areas, like over a kitchen sink or any other location where raising and lowering a vertical window would be difficult to navigate. Another positive about slider windows is the fact that they offer plenty of natural ventilation potential, moreso than other comparable window styles. Slider windows are also an energy-efficient window solution, but casement windows are generally considered to be slightly more energy-efficient. But if sheer ease of operation is of primary concern to you, well-designed and well-installed slider windows are actually easier to open than casement windows. And if you like the look of window grilles, these can be mounted either externally or even internally between the window panes.


Skywalker Offers and Installs a Full Selection of Quality Casement and Slider Windows in NC & VA

At Skywalker Windows & Siding, we’re happy to provide a nice selection of quality casement and slider window products from top manufacturers including ProVia, West Window Corporation, and Pella. All of our casement and slider window offerings can also be customized with a number of frame material, style, grid, and hardware options.


And no matter which style of window or frame material you’re considering for your window replacement needs, Skywalker provides a number of impressive window products that will meet (and even exceed) your expectations. In addition, we install everything we sell with the most precision and best workmanship you’ll find anywhere across our service area.


Skywalker is one of the highest-rated, most-awarded contractors serving the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Lake Norman area, and greater Roanoke, VA region. And NOBODY beats our level of professionalism and personalized customer service. If you’ve ever worked with any other home improvement service provider, you’ll be able to tell the difference that partnering with Skywalker makes for your experience! Got questions? Ready to get started? Reach out to us today at (336) 265-9595.

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