Windows Replacement

Modern Materials & Color Trends for New Windows and Replacement Windows

Need to have some new windows installed? Considering a windows replacement? There are several great reasons to do so. Modern replacement windows can provide better UV protection, better energy efficiency, more outside noise reduction, and are also designed to be easier to clean and maintain. They also now come in an increasing variety of popular…

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Windows Replacement Guide for Specific Climates

The specific climate in which you live definitely plays an important role in which type of replacement windows you should have installed. The fact of the matter is that not all windows are created equal. Windows come in all sorts of styles, materials, and energy efficiency ratings, and some are simply better suited for certain…

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Picture Windows – Make Any Room a Room with a View!

Why Do We Even Have Windows? The earliest-known windows found in human dwellings emerged sometime around the 13th century BC. They were little more than unglazed openings cut into rooftops, but they served a very important function – they let in more light to illuminate the home by day! The first crude glass windows were…

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