Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding: Beautiful Choice for Homes in NC and VA

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Why Vinyl Is the Most Popular Siding Solution in America

Vinyl siding is the most popular siding solution in America for a good reason – it combines attractive visual appeal with low maintenance properties and lasting performance value, at a competitive price. If you’re considering a siding replacement, you’d be hard-pressed not to give some consideration to a vinyl solution:


• Durable

Vinyl is much more durable than comparable wood products. It’s designed for better weather protection, is more resistant to moisture and pest threats, and doesn’t rot or corrode. Properly-installed vinyl siding can last you for decades.


• Easy Maintenance

Vinyl isn’t just resistant; it’s also incredibly low-maintenance. Vinyl never needs repainting or restaining, unlike wood siding. Vinyl is also simpler to clean than many siding products.


• Inhibits Mold & Mildew Growth

Vinyl is naturally moisture-resistant, but it can also be more “breathable” than other materials. How? Vinyl siding that’s installed correctly will allow collected moisture to escape from underneath, thus inhibiting the potential growth of any mold or mildew. The same can’t be said about most other siding options.


• Cost-Effective

With vinyl siding you’ll pay less in siding replacement costs, especially as compared to wood or fiber cement materials. That’s an attractive fact in itself, but vinyl doesn’t just save you money up front. You’ll pay less over time in maintenance efforts, too. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, vinyl siding is hard to beat!


• Versatile and Customizable

Vinyl comes in many great looks and styles; there really aren’t many walls that vinyl siding can’t cover well! Vinyl can also be engineered to mimic the look of wood, for less money, and with much less hassle in terms of ongoing maintenance requirements.


• Eco-Friendly

Vinyl siding is more eco-friendly than you may realize, too. 60-70% of all vinyl products are made with recycled vinyl, and the back ply of most vinyl siding contains a significant amount of recycled material, too. And don’t forget about vinyl’s longevity. The longer your vinyl siding lasts, the fewer of Earth’s resources you’ll require to replace it!


Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding: The Beauty of Cedar, The Performance of Vinyl

Norandex is one of the top names in vinyl siding. They’ve been trusted by American builders and contractors for over 65 years, and their premium vinyl siding options are respected across the industry. But perhaps what you’re really interested in is a siding product which combines the performance of vinyl with the beauty of cedar for your home in NC or VA? If so, let us introduce you to Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding from Norandex!

If you value the look of real wood and the value of vinyl, then you’re sure to like Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding. Here are a few features of note:

• .044” panel thickness with a natural cedar woodgrain appearance

• XLok Technology combines the TitanBar Nail Hem with the Norandex proprietary NailRIGHT Siding Installation System that securely interlocks the siding and helps affix it to the wall

• Tested to withstand some of the highest wind bursts, up to 222 mph

• Includes Norandex’s patented ColorHold Fade Protection and Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty

• 5/8” panel projection

• Available in three signature styles: D4 Clapboard, D5 Clapboard, and D5 Dutchlap

• Comes in 30 beautiful color options, ranging from white, to wheat, to chestnut, rustic cedar, firebrick, granite, steel blue, deepwater, graphite, and carbon

• Norandex produces both matching and contrasting soffit and accessories for its Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding products

• In addition, Norandex provides several other popular vinyl siding solutions, including Rustic Hill Premium Vinyl Siding, Board & Batten Vertical Vinyl Siding, Sagebrush Super Premium Vinyl Siding, and the Polar Wall Plus! Insulated Siding System.



Skywalker Windows & Siding Is Your Trusted Installation Partner in NC and VA

Cedar Knolls Premium Vinyl Siding offers the proven performance of vinyl, and also comes in the cedar texture and many color options that are sure to suit whatever your particular taste requires. But there’s more to finding the right siding solution than just landing upon a product you like. It’s also essential to choose a qualified local contractor you can trust to take care of your siding installation and siding replacement needs. Don’t risk a premature siding failure due to improper installation; go with Skywalker Windows & Siding – choose the local name you can trust!

Skywalker has extensive experience with installing vinyl products from Norandex and other leading manufacturers, and our team has all the training, tools, and expertise to take care of your vinyl siding project the right way. We’re one of the highest-rated, most-awarded siding contractors serving the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Lake Norman, and southern VA areas, including both Roanoke and Danville. We’d be happy to come out and provide a FREE on-site inspection and consultation.  Give us a call today at (336) 627-5596, and let us show you the Skywalker Windows & Siding difference!

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