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Set the Right Tone for Your Home with a Front Door Replacement

Planning some needed projects to upgrade the aesthetic value of your home? While replacing the roof, windows, and siding are all important and necessary for older homes, you also want to make sure to get your exterior doors right. Entry doors play a bigger role in influencing overall exterior aesthetics than many homeowners tend to realize.

For example, the front door isn’t just one of several points of access. The front door is usually front-and-center for your home’s street-facing face, and this main entryway is pivotal in helping to set the tone for your home’s curbside appearance. Because that’s true, you want to take the time to make your choice of a front door replacement a good one. Your front door should be tough and sturdy, while simultaneously being handsome, gracious, and inviting to your guests.


Your Other Entry Doors Matter, Too

Of course, your front door may not actually be your primary point of entry, i.e. the door you actually use the most when entering or exiting your home. For many homeowners, their primary door is actually a side-facing door that’s immediately adjacent to their carport or driveway. You may have other entry doors in the back, as well. An entry door is really defined as any exterior point of entry, which can include patio doors, French doors, and even storm doors. A good entry door should be h2 & secure, weather-resistant, provide for privacy (if desired), and also be able to deliver the look you want.


Selecting the Right Style and Material for Your Exterior Doors

In short, you want to find the right exterior door replacements which can deliver both great performance and beautiful aesthetics. Is that too much to ask? Not at all – today’s entry door products come in all sorts of styles, designs, and long-lasting materials. Whether you’re interested in steel, fiberglass, wood, vinyl, glass, or a composite combination; you’ve got options


• Steel

Steel doors are a common choice; in fact, they make up approximately one half of the U.S. entry door market. Steel doors are known to be durable, low-maintenance, and affordable. Heavy-duty steel doors can be inlaid with custom design features, as well.


• Fiberglass

Fiberglass is also a worthy choice. It tends to handle wear-and-tear better than steel, it can be painted or stained any way you like, and can be engineered to mimic the look and texture of wood. Fiberglass is also a more energy-efficient material for entry doors.


• Wood

Solid wood delivers an authentic look and feel, and is pretty good as an insulator too, making natural wood another good choice for energy efficiency. Wood doesn’t dent either, and surface scratches are fairly easy to address. The drawbacks with wood is that it’s expensive, moisture-sensitive, and requires more maintenance than other exterior door materials.


• Vinyl

Vinyl isn’t just a great choice for windows and siding applications; vinyl also works well for certain entry door designs, including patio doors and sliding doors. In addition, vinyl is very weather-resistant, and never needs painting or staining,


• Glass

Sliding glass doors are a great choice for patios, decks, and exterior bedroom entrances. Plus, glass windows, inserts, and sidelights can be included in nearly any other exterior door design. Glass features add visual interest, and allow more natural light to enter your living space. And by choosing a double-paned or triple-paned door design, you can build even more security and insulation value into your entry doors.


Go with a Quality American Manufacturer like ProVia

ProVia entry doors, patio doors, storm doors, and door hardware are all made “The Professional Way,” and ProVia has been producing customized exterior solutions for homeowners since 1977. Here’s a selection of ProVia’s attractive, durable, secure, and energy-efficient door products.


• Entry Doors

People who appreciate quality will appreciate having a front door from ProVia. ProVia’s four lines of fiberglass and steel professional-class entry doors meet the highest standards for beauty, durability, security, and energy efficiency. They’re available in a variety of sizes and finishes, and you can customize your exterior door any way you want it!



• Storm Doors

Storm doors offer an extra layer of protection and functionality. ProVia offers multiple lines of storm doors, with more than 50 individual models of storm door and screen door products. Each can be customized to suit your individual aesthetic needs and preferences, too.

glass door


• Patio Doors

ProVia offers lots of great patio door solutions, too. The Aeris™ sliding glass door features a vinyl exterior and a real wood interior which can be painted or stained. The Designer™ series of hinged doors comes in both fiberglass and steel exterior options with embedded glass panes. Looking for a good vinyl sliding patio door? Look no further than ProVia’s Endure™, Aspect™, and ecoLite series of energy-efficient products.

Craftsman Patio Doors


• Door Hardware

When it comes to any entry door, sometimes it’s the finishing touches which can leave the biggest impression. ProVia offers several wonderfully stylish and durable door hardware sets for main entry doors, storm doors, and patio doors.



Features & Benefits of Choosing ProVia Doors

Replacement doors from ProVia help to ensure that your guests’ first impression of your home is a positive one. Here are a few things which set ProVia apart:


• Quality Materials, Quality Standards

ProVia builds doors to meet high professional standards. They only use the best materials in crafting the very best doors for your home. Every door is factory-finished in a controlled environment, and goes through a multi-step finishing process which ensures that your entry doors are made to last!


• Focus on Energy Efficiency

ProVia doors are engineered to keep you both warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Every steel door and fiberglass door is foam-filled for better insulation performance, and ProVia uses the best weather seals on the market. ComforTech glazing packages offer additional energy efficiency value, too.


• Over 40 Years of Experience

ProVia has been around since 1977, and one thing has remained constant over those 40+ years. They’ve never wavered from their commitment to both professionalism and performance. ProVia simply doesn’t cut any corners, and they never leave any detail to chance.


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