Choosing a Perfect Vinyl Siding Replacement Color in Danville

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Siding Replacement Is Really About Protection and Performance

Having the right siding installed is an essential aspect of your home’s exterior protection. Because that’s true, it makes sense to go with a siding replacement product that’s weather-resistant, pest-resistant, and designed to last. You’d probably really appreciate having a low-maintenance siding solution, too. To that end, vinyl siding is a great choice because it’s moisture-resistant, durable, and affordable – perfect for the humid weather and climate of southern VA.


The Right Vinyl Siding Can Also Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home in Danville

Aside from all of vinyl’s great performance attributes, it also happens to look pretty great, too. Today’s vinyl siding replacements come in many options for color and embossed texture. You’re honestly spoiled for choice where vinyl siding types are concerned, to the point that choosing the best color and finish can sometimes feel a little daunting. Consulting with a local siding contractor professional like Skywalker Windows & Siding is a smart way to help you narrow down some of your best options.


Vinyl Siding Color Possibilities in Danville, VA

So, which colors of siding and trim will work best for your Danville home? Some of that will depend upon the architectural features of your home, along with your own personal tastes and preferences. Do you reside in an HOA which requires you to match the look of your home to that of your neighbors? Or perhaps you’re located out in an open space with no rules or guidelines for how your home “needs” to look. Whether “blending in” is your thing, or if you’re more about finding a way to have your home stand out, there are lots of possibilities for creating a distinctive look for your home with a vinyl siding replacement. Here are a few popular color combination possibilities for your siding and trim that are worth considering:


• Tan & Green

Beige and tan are popular siding colors in Virginia, and most everyplace else, too. Light neutral colors work well with most any home design or features, and they work equally well in both urban and rural settings. Dark green is a great trim & accent color to pair with beige or tan siding.


• Gray & Black

Gray siding with black trim is another popular combination for homes around the Southeast. The colors are neutral and balanced, and can create a striking, timeless appearance. You can use practically any shade of gray for the siding, and can match it with any dark trim, including black, dark gray, or dark blue.


• Beige & Black

Another siding color which works well with black trim is light beige or yellow. Honestly, any combination of warm and cool tones can create a nice visual contrast. Dark trim really helps the beige or yellow to pop in a tasteful way.


• Taupe & Red

Don’t want to limit yourself to neutral shades? You can opt to add some more vibrant colors into the mix. For example, if you choose taupe is the base color for your vinyl siding, you can then pair that with a brick red trim color that helps to deliver a warm ambiance. This is a nice color combination for accenting any natural brickwork on your home, too.


• Earth Tone Variations

Want to keep your siding & trim colors more analogous and subtle? You can always choose to use different shades within a single color scheme. Earth tones work really well for this. For example, you could can go with a light tan siding which is accented with brown trim. A combination of natural tones like these creates just the right amount of visual contrast and depth.


• White on White

What if you don’t want to use any color at all where your siding and trim are concerned? You certainly don’t have to! In fact, white-on-white is both traditional and classy, and can be used to create a nice vintage look. Another advantage of this approach is that you can then choose to add as much or as little color as you like with the other exterior features of your home, including windows, doors, and fixtures.


Choose Skywalker Windows & Siding as Your Local Siding Professional in Danville

When it comes to finding the right vinyl siding replacement, you’ve got plenty of options where siding products are concerned. We know you’ve got options when it comes to choosing the right local siding installer, too. Let the friendly professionals at Skywalker Windows & Siding come out and provide a free inspection and personal consultation! In southern Virginia, we serve everywhere from South Boston to Danville to Martinsville to Galax to Roanoke. Skywalker is also proud to be one of the highest-rated, most awarded, most trusted siding contractors serving the NC Piedmont Triad, NC Piedmont Triangle, and Lake Norman regions.


But don’t just take our word about Skywalker Windows & Siding being the best – check out some of our many 5-star customer reviews, too. Plus, we do lots more than just windows & siding installation; we take care of all sorts of home improvement needs. We can help you with everything from roof replacement, to gutter replacement, to gutter guard installation, to entry doors & patio doors, to fascia & soffit work, to blown insulation services. We can even provide you with a new porch or deck addition!


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