Does It Make Sense to Replace Windows and Siding at the Same Time?

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The Importance of Having Good Windows and Siding Installed on Your Home

Windows and siding are two incredibly important features of any home exterior. Taken together, windows and siding combine to help define the overall curbside appeal of your home. But windows and siding installations are about much more than just good looks.

These features also serve as key lines of defense. Good windows and siding will protect from weather extremes, defend against moisture and pest infiltration, and also contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. When you stop to think about it, windows and siding both play many crucial roles.

And while modern window and siding products are designed to be attractive, functional, and durable, no windows or siding lasts forever. It may be time to plan for your next windows replacement and siding replacement. But, can both be done at the same time?

Windows Replacement and Siding Replacement Can Be Scheduled Together

We’ve heard people ask whether windows and siding can be replaced at the same time. Some of that really depends upon which windows contractors and siding contractors you’re considering. But if you can find a local contractor like Skywalker Windows & Siding who installs both windows and siding, then it’s very easy to have both jobs coordinated together. And it’s about more than just convenience; if you plan to have both jobs done by the same contractor, that can save you on installation costs, too.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows and Siding?

That’s an excellent question. Some vinyl window products are rated to last up to 40 years, and the same is true for many vinyl siding products as well. But depending upon which materials you chose for your original windows and siding, along with whom you chose to install them, the life expectancy of your home exterior features can vary somewhat. Here are some good tips for assessing the current state of your windows and siding:


⇒ Check for visible damage

If your windows or frames are visibly cracked, broken, or damaged, then it’s definitely time for you to take action. Broken windows don’t provide for energy efficiency, and they can attract potential burglars and thieves, too.

⇒ Condensation issues

If your view is getting hazy, your windows could have lost their glaze, insulating gas, or both. If you’re starting to see any condensation or fog inside your panes, this will almost certainly impact energy efficiency in a negative way, and could also lead to unhealthy mold or mildew growth.

⇒ Hard to operate

Swelling or rot is a good indication of faulty windows. If it’s no longer easy to open or close your windows, it may well be time for a window replacement. And if it’s become hard to lock your windows, that’s an additional safety risk which really isn’t worth taking.

⇒ Feel a draft

If you still notice a draft even when your windows are shut, that’s a real concern. Some fresh caulk or weatherstripping might do the trick, but otherwise a windows replacement is probably your best option.

⇒ Increased heating & air costs

If your heating and air bills are increasing for unknown reasons, your older windows could be contributing to the problem. Older windows can lose their insulating properties over time, and this can cost you more in terms of home climate control.


⇒ Moisture infiltration

Siding is designed to help keep out moisture, but weather cycles can take their toll over time. If you see any siding that’s become warped or buckled, you likely have some moisture infiltration going on.

⇒ Evidence of pests

Wood siding is potentially vulnerable to many pests like termites, carpenter bees, and even woodpeckers. But pests can eventually penetrate other types of siding, too. If you’re seeing evidence of pests on or around your siding, you need to take action. Depending upon the extent of the damage, a siding replacement could be your best solution.

⇒ Obvious siding damage

One significant storm impact can be all it takes to damage your siding. It’s always a good idea to give your siding a visual inspection after any windstorms or other significant weather events. Holes, cracks, or other siding damage won’t fix itself, and the longer you wait, the worse these issues can become over time.

⇒ Faded siding

Fading may seem like a cosmetic issue, but it can be indicative of other significant siding problems. If your siding is noticeably faded, the materials themselves could be degraded. In that case, your siding could also be losing some of its other essential protective properties.

⇒ Exposed fasteners or seal failures

If you notice exposed nails, fasteners, or pop-ups, that’s a cause for concern. Cracked or missing seals are another telltale sign of some deeper issues with your siding. A local, licensed siding professional like Skywalker can help you to diagnose any issues, and provide you with the best solution.

Let Skywalker Windows & Siding Serve Your Windows and Siding Replacement Needs in NC and VA!

If it’s time for a windows or siding replacement – or both – for your NC or VA home, there’s no better name to trust than Skywalker Windows & Siding! We’re trained, equipped, and experienced in installing both windows and siding, and we can take care of both for you at the same time, too. We serve both residential and commercial customers, and we’re committed to doing the job right the first time, and every time!

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