Got Some Noisy or Sagging Gutters? Now’s a Good Time for Gutter Replacement

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Why Having a Good Gutter System Matters

Sure it’s early Spring, and many trees around North Carolina and Virginia haven’t even filled in with leaves yet. So, is it too early to start thinking about your gutters? Not at all! Even if you checked your gutters at the end of “leaf season” this past fall, leaves and other debris could still collect in your gutters over the course of the winter.

Having a good, well-maintained gutter system in place matters to the health of your roof, as well as to the health of the rest of your building’s framing infrastructure. Whenever it rains or whenever those winter snows start to melt, all that water has to go somewhere. If you just let it cascade off your roof, your windows, siding, doors, and building foundation can all suffer some serious water damage. The right rain gutters can reliably drain water off your roof and direct it away from your home. But if your gutters are no longer working properly, that’s when it’s time to seek a solution.


How to Know When It’s Time for a New Rain Gutter Installation

Without putting too fine of a point on it – start by looking up. Are your gutters dipping or sagging in the middle? Do they seem to now sit at an odd angle or display any noticeable tilt? Have they started to pull away from your roof? Can you see any visual gaps between your gutters and the roof’s edge?

Have you noticed that your gutters have gotten louder when it rains, or are you seeing any spots where water cascades over your gutters? Perhaps you’ve also noticed some increased water erosion around the perimeter of your house, particularly in areas that your gutters are supposed to be protecting. These are all telltale signs of some significant gutter issues that simply aren’t going to fix themselves. If you’ve observed any of these indicators, then the time to take action is now.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Gutter Replacement

If it’s time for a gutter replacement, there are a few important questions you’ll need to answer, starting with which gutter material to choose. Vinyl is the cheapest material, but it’s really not recommended for homes and residential applications. Metal is your best bet, since it’s both stronger and more flexible. Galvalume steel, aluminum, and copper are all viable options, but there are some specific pros and cons to each. Here are some essential things to keep in mind with replacement gutters:

• Size & Style of Gutters

Were your current gutters designed to fit your roof well? Should you choose something similar, or opt for something a little different? If your roof is particularly steep, or if you tend to get a lot of rain in your area, you might consider going with a bigger 6” gutter option (as opposed to the standard 5”). You’ll also need to choose between a K-style or half-round gutter style.

• How Much Roof Do You Need to Cover?

It’s possible that your old gutter system didn’t offer proper coverage account for all the square footage drained by your roof. If so, you may want to add some more gutter sections to your design. Better yet, just let a pro like Skywalker Windows & Siding custom build some seamless gutters that will fit your roof like a glove; they bring the roll-forming equipment right to your property!

• Materials & Aesthetics

In terms of gutter materials, copper is really the gold standard. A copper gutter system can last you a lifetime, but it admittedly isn’t cheap. Galvalume metal and galvanized steel are also solid choices, thanks to their combination of long-lasting performance, many available color choices, and a more affordable price tag. Aluminum could be a good option for you too, depending upon the particulars of your roof and climate.

• Don’t Forget the Fascia & Soffit

If you don’t know the terms, fascia is the board which runs underneath your roof’s edge; it provides support to your roof structure, and is also the surface upon which gutters are typically mounted. Soffit is the finishing material which is mounted horizontally underneath your roof overhang, and provides intake vents for proper roof ventilation. Gutter replacement is a good time to go ahead and replace any fascia or soffit that may need it, as well.

• Check the Overall Condition of Your Roof, Too

If it’s time for a gutter replacement, this is also a good time to check the condition of the rest of your roof, too. If your gutters are in bad shape, it’s also very possible that your roof has some other issues which may need addressing. And if your roof needs replacing too, it’s better (and a little cheaper) to do both your roof and your gutters at the same time, versus tackling those projects separately.


Gutter Installation


Let Skywalker Take Care of Your Gutter, Gutter Guard, and Roofing Needs in NC & VA!

We hope you’ll find these tips to be helpful as you’re planning for a needed gutter replacement. And if you’re looking for the best gutter installation solutions in North Carolina and Virginia, Skywalker Windows & Siding is the name you can trust! We can fabricate custom, seamless gutters right on your property, and we install several great, low-maintenance gutter guard solutions, too. In fact, comprehensive roof replacement is one of our specialties at Skywalker, so if you’ve got any type of roofing or guttering need, we can take care of it!

You can connect with us online, or for a faster response, just give us a call today at (336) 627-5596. Let us show you the Skywalker difference!

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