Home Improvement Tips: How Often Should You Replace Your Windows?

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Windows play many essential roles in your home or commercial building. Most obviously, windows let in natural light and provide a view of the outdoors. Operable windows can provide some needed ventilation as well. Windows contribute to the curb appeal of your building too, and they can also deliver some energy efficiency and safety value.

How often should you replace your windows? That’s a great question because windows aren’t designed to last forever. All windows will eventually need replacing at some point. But when is that, exactly? That will depend upon several factors, including the design and construction of the materials involved, your particular climate zone, and the quality of the original window installation. So, how do you know when it’s right to invest in a window replacement?

Signs That It’s Time to Put in Some New Windows

Honestly, it would be great if your windows never required replacing, but that’s not a realistic expectation. Even the best-made windows will experience wear and tear over time. How can you tell if your windows’ time has finally come? Here are some things to look for:

•  Visible cracks or damage

This should go without saying, but if you see breaks or cracks in your windows or frames, then it’s absolutely time to take action. Delaying the decision will only create more negative impacts for you and your home or commercial structure. In addition, you should be aware that broken windows are known to attract the attention of would-be thieves and burglars!

•  Windows that are hard to operate

Moisture infiltration can make windows swell, rot, or rust, all of which can prevent your windows from operating smoothly. If opening or closing your windows has become a chore, it could be time to consider a replacement. And if you can no longer fully close or lock your windows, that poses a real safety risk to your family and your home.

•  Drafts around windows

If you’re still feeling a draft even when your windows are shut, that’s a problem. This could simply be an indication that your seals have become worn, broken, or missing. In that case, some recaulking or additional weather stripping might address the problem. But if not, then you could have some deeper issues going on with your windows that call for a replacement solution.

•  Cloudy windows, condensation, and mildew

Has your view of the outdoors become hazy? Assuming your vision prescription is correct, then the issue isn’t with your eyes. Your windows may have simply lost their glaze, insulating gases, or both. If condensation or fog is building up between the panes, then your window seals have failed. This negatively impacts the energy efficiency of your windows and can lead to unhealthy mold or mildew development as well.

•  Outside noise is getting louder

Did you hear that? If neighborhood noises are becoming louder than before, that’s a signal your windows could be losing their insulating properties. If this is the case, that problem won’t fix itself. If left unaddressed, it will only get worse with time.

•  Rising energy bills

As far as you can see, your windows might look OK. But if your heating & air bills are becoming more expensive and you really haven’t changed your energy use patterns, then this could indicate that your window insulation performance has diminished. It would be wise to have a local window installation professional come out and take a look. A local provider like Skywalker Windows & Siding is happy to provide a free initial inspection and home consultation.

More Benefits of Planning for a Needed Windows Replacement Now

Outside of the problem areas mentioned above, there are some other reasons to go ahead and pull the trigger on getting a needed windows replacement now. Here are a few more reasons why taking action now makes good sense:

•  Better home security performance

Choosing to install quality replacement windows can serve to boost your level of home security. Modern window frames, styles, pane glazing, and locking mechanisms are now engineered with more safety features than ever before.

•  Improved energy efficiency

Replacement windows with proper low-E coatings will help keep more heat inside during the colder months and more heat outside during the warmer months. Some window products also include UV filtering and other efficiencies which better protect both people and possessions.

•  Reduced noise pollution

Tired of hearing all that exterior noise? Today’s triple-pane windows can drastically reduce sound transmission. There are even some window products available that are classified as soundproof!

•  Simple to maintain

Traditional wood-framed windows are a chore to clean, maintain, and refinish. A well-made vinyl window or clad window solution can solve that problem for you. These windows don’t need repainting and take less effort to clean and maintain. Most also allow for inward tilting, so there’s no need to climb a ladder to clean window exteriors ever again!

•  Boost your curb appeal

What leads many people to consider window replacement is a desire to improve the look of their building exterior. If curb appeal is important to you, then you’ll certainly appreciate the many window styles, materials, colors, and finishes that are now available.

•  Increase property value for resale

Planning to put your home or business property on the market? Choosing the right replacement windows can pay dividends in terms of making your property more attractive to buyers, as well. And some of your windows replacement cost can be recouped by justifying a higher property selling price.

Skywalker Windows & Siding Provides the Best Window Installation Solutions

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