How to Choose the Right Material for Fascia and Soffit Installation

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Why Fascia & Soffit Matter

Fascia and soffit are two features of your home that tend to fly under the radar … unless there’s a problem. Both play important roles in supporting the infrastructure of both your roof and attic, and they’re also visible elements that factor into your home’s exterior appearance.Fascia and soffit are most frequently installed in conjunction with either a new roof or a home siding replacement, but they may occasionally require replacing on their own as well.


Fascia & Soffit Explained

Just underneath the edge of your roof there’s a visible, vertical board. This board is a support for the bottom of your roof structure, and it’s also the surface upon which gutters are usually attached. On older homes this board may simply be painted, but on most modern homes it’s covered with something called fascia. Fascia is usually a piece of either vinyl or aluminum which covers the board and protects it from water damage. If the wood underneath becomes exposed to water and rots, this rot can spread to your roof and make it vulnerable to leaks and/or infestation by pests.

There is also a finished surface underneath your roof’s overhang that’s typically somewhere around 12” wide – that’s the soffit. In Latin, soffit actually means “to fix underneath.” Soffit serves to cover what would otherwise be exposed beams, subdecking, and attic space, but it also provides the important function of allowing for attic and roof ventilation. Soffit achieves this by having a series of vents built into its surface to assist in air circulation. Thus, heat and moisture are drawn out of your attic and away from your roof. Like the fascia covering, soffit is also usually comprised of either vinyl or aluminum, but sometimes you’ll see soffit made of wood as well. The danger with wooden soffit is that it’s prone to rotting and warping, and also requires regular repainting and resealing.

The Materials You Choose Matter, Too

Which material should you choose for your fascia and soffit? That’s really up to you. Wooden fascia and soffit can provide a natural and even rustic look, but wood materials also need much more maintenance. Most roofing and siding professionals recommend that you go with either aluminum or vinyl for your fascia and soffit, as both are more water-resistant, and neither are as prone to rot. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each in more detail:

  • Aluminum

Aluminum became a more popular building material after WWII, because it was cheaper, lighter, and easier to work with than steel. Another nice feature of aluminum over steel is the fact that it doesn’t rust. Even so, aluminum does have its negative features. Some aluminum products can still be somewhat expensive, it conducts heat rather easily, doesn’t hold paint very well, and aluminum can also be prone to corrosion due to extended exposure to water. Another downside to aluminum is the fact that it will need refinishing over time.

  • Vinyl

Fascia and soffit are very similar to siding in terms of their general design and function, and no siding material is more popular in America than vinyl. What are the advantages to choosing vinyl? There are many. Vinyl is versatile in design and color applications, the colors don’t fade, it’s a better insulator, AND it can also be less expensive than aluminum in both up-front installation costs and maintenance costs over time. Vinyl doesn’t need to be refinished, so the only ongoing maintenance needs revolve around occasional cleaning. When you consider all the pros and cons, vinyl really is a better material for fascia and soffit applications.


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