Leaf Season Means It’s Time to Pay Attention to Your Gutters

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All The Leaves Are Brown

“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray.” “California Dreamin’” – made famous by The Mamas & the Papas in 1965 – is a song about longing for the warmth of Los Angeles while spending a cold winter in New York City. But the “all the leaves are brown” part certainly applies to late fall in North Carolina and Virginia, too. In fact, this year’s “leaf season” may end up being more brown than colorful around these parts. Fall officially arrived on September 22, but it really didn’t start feeling like fall until a strong cold front arrived this past Saturday. As a result, most leaves are still green on the trees, but that’s likely to start changing quickly. And thanks to this year’s late start to leaf season for us, many leaves are likely to go from green to brown, to down.


And They’re All Getting Ready to Come Down…

They call it “fall” for a reason. Not only are the temperatures falling, but all the leaves on our many deciduous trees will be falling soon, too. That may be fun for kids looking to build a pile of leaves to jump into, but it isn’t nearly as fun for us grown-ups. The good news is that lawn mowing season is winding down, but the bad news is that we’re now going to have to do something with all those leaves starting to accumulate on the ground. Time to break out the mulchers, rakes, and leaf blowers!


…And Pile Up on Your Roof!

But it’s not just leaves in the yard you have to worry about; there’s also the issue of leaves piling up on your roof. Why are leaves on the roof a problem? The real area for concern is leaves which pile up in your gutters.


Leaf Season Means It’s Time to Pay Attention to Your Gutters

When gutters and downspouts are flowing properly, they do a good job of directing water off the roof and away from your home and its foundation. But come fall, accumulated leaves, twigs, and debris can back up your gutter system. Clogged gutters can produce many headaches, and can even result in damage to your roof and your home’s infrastructure. Now is a good time to survey the condition of your gutters, and to determine whether they’re still serving you properly.


Is It Time for a Gutter Replacement?

If you’re noticing any water leaking over, under, or around your gutters right now, then it’s time to take action. Most leaves haven’t even started to come down yet, so any issues you’re seeing with your gutters before leaf season gets into full swing really need to be addressed now. Other signs to look for include evidence of water erosion around your house, especially underneath your gutter areas. And if you can see any visible damage to your gutters, then it’s high time for a gutter replacement!

Gutter Installation


Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing New Gutters

If it’s time to replace your gutters, you’ll need to start by choosing the right gutter material. Vinyl is the cheapest, but vinyl gutters carry some significant drawbacks, too. Metal gutters are a better option for stability and strength, and a seamless metal gutter is an even better solution. Here are a few mental checkpoints you should consider:


1. Gutter Profile & Size

Are your current gutters actually the best fit for your roof? If your roof is steeply pitched, or if you tend to get storms which dump a lot of moisture at once, – a 6” gutter might serve you better than a standard 5” gutter. You’ll also want to decide whether you prefer the look of a half-round gutter, or the more efficient performance of a K-style gutter.


2. Gutter Materials

The type of gutter material you choose is also very important. Copper is considered by many to be the “gold standard” when it comes to gutters, and if properly installed, a copper gutter can easily last you a lifetime. But copper is also an expensive option in terms of both materials and the need for specialized labor. Aluminum and galvanized steel are also good metal choices. Each is cheaper than copper, and each comes in a much wider palette of color options, too.


3. Check Your Fascia & Soffit, Too

Even if you don’t know these items by their official names, you’ve still probably seen them on your house. Fascia is the vertical support board which runs along your roof’s edge. It helps to maintain the structural integrity of your roof, and is fascia is also typically the surface upon which gutters are actually mounted. Soffit, on the other hand, is the horizontal surface underneath your roof’s overhang. One of the key functions of a soffit is to provide ventilation for your attic and roof through built-in slots or vents. Gutter installation is an ideal time to make sure that both your fascia & soffit are in good condition. If either need replacing, it’s a good idea to take care of that before having any new gutters installed.


4. How’s Your Roof?

If you’re planning a gutter replacement, it makes sense to make sure your roof is in good shape, too. Depending upon your roof’s age and condition, the best solution might be to plan a roof replacement and gutter as a combination project. It could actually save you some money to pair these projects together, rather than tackling them separately. Plus, taking care of your whole roof system at once can offer much greater peace of mind for you as a homeowner.


Entrust ALL Your Gutter and Roof System Needs to Skywalker – We’ve Got You Covered!

If you need a gutter replacement, a gutter guard installation, or have any other roofing needs in NC or VA, Skywalker Windows & Siding is the name you can trust! Nobody takes better care of your roof and gutters, and Skywalker is happy to offer several other valuable home improvement services too, including windows, exterior doors, and siding replacement. We’re proud to be the preferred home & business exterior solutions provider for the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Lake Norman area, and Southwestern VA region, including Roanoke.


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