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Windows have been part of human dwellings for over 3000 years. Originally there were just designed to let in a little light (and also allow folks to be able to see outside of their homes), but window materials and designs have come a long way since the early days. Looking for a window replacement option, or perhaps have a place in mind to install some new windows in your home or business? An attractive architectural window could be your perfect solution!

Architectural Windows

How are architectural windows different from other types of windows? For one thing, other common styles of windows like double-hung, casement, and slider windows are designed to be operable. Most architectural shape windows, on the other hand, are classified as fixed windows, meaning they aren’t designed for opening and shutting. Rather, architectural windows are a type of specialty window which is intended to highlight the look of both your building’s interior and exterior with some specific geometric shapes or patterns. Architectural shape windows are known by many names, including arched windows, shaped windows, special shape windows, and geometric windows, among others.

Some Benefits of Choosing Architecture Windows

There’s really a lot to like about modern picture windows which are available in a number of architectural and geometric shapes. These sorts of windows are more commonly used in homes and other buildings that have higher ceilings, but they can also be designed to fit within practically any amount of wall space that you have available. What else is there to like about having your own architectural window? Quite a bit!

• Completely customizable

Made with quality materials

One nice feature of an architectural picture window is the fact that no two are necessarily alike. Sure, there are some more common sizes and design options, but you’re still in the driver’s seat when it comes to customization options. For example, any one style of architectural window frame can also include unlimited color options, any array of wood finishing possibilities, and a selection of individual window shapes. With this amount of customizability, you can really make your architectural windows look any way you want.

• Made with quality materials

Completely customizable

You could go with a traditional wood frame, but you’ve got plenty of other modern material options for your architectural replacement windows, too. There are also several more affordable vinyl products available in shaped windows. Or if you’d rather combine the performance of vinyl with the look of wood, there are some nice clad window options you can go with, as well. Pella, ProVia, and WestView are all well-respected window manufacturers who make some nice architectural shape window products.

• Impressive energy efficiency

Impressive energy efficiency

Architectural windows are generally designed as fixed windows, meaning they’re not operable in terms of being able to open or close them. If additional ventilation capability is something you’d prefer, you can always add some smaller operable windows to your picture window pattern. But one advantage of having architectural shape windows in terms of energy efficiency is the fact that they come with a very snug, well-insulated seal. Architectural windows are actually some of the most energy-efficient windows you can get, as they concede practically no opportunity for outdoor air to enter, or for your climate-controlled air to escape.

• Beautiful aesthetics

Beautiful aesthetics

Windows were invented to bring natural light indoors, and to also give you a view of the outdoors. The view offered through architectural windows is truly unique, and can be quite lovely. And in terms of aesthetic value, you can customize your architectural windows to suit your individual taste and style, and you can also add some tasteful window dressings if you like. But in most cases, well-designed architectural shape windows need no window dressings or additional adornments, as they decidedly beautiful in their own right.

• Practically maintenance-free

Practically maintenance-free

Because they’re typically fixed, inoperable windows, architectural windows don’t come with any mechanical features which require service or maintenance. Like any window, you’ll of course want to clean both the interior and exterior of your architectural windows from time to time, but that’s about all the maintenance you’ll need to do with any regularity. Plus, if you decide to go with either a vinyl or vinyl-clad window frame, your architectural shape windows will be even easier to clean, more resistant to dirt or grime build-up, and should continue to provide many years of reliable performance.

Plenty of Shape and Design Options with Architectural Shape Windows

Architectural windows are commonly seen in circular, octagonal, colonial arch, and half-circle shapes in homes across America. While that may sound like a lot of different designs to the uninitiated, this barely scratches the surface when it comes to the myriad of shapes and grid options available through architectural shape window applications today. Here are just a few of the style designs currently available, and this isn’t even a completely exhaustive list:

• Full Circle

• Half Circle

• Eyebrow

• Quarter Arch

• Colonial Arch

• Half Circle with Extended Legs

• Quarter Arch with Extended Legs

• Eyebrow with Extended Legs

• Triangle

• Isosceles Triangle

• Trapezoid

• Parallelogram

• Pentagon

• Hexagon

• Fixed Octagon

• Active Octagon

• Elliptical

• Springline

• Arch Head

• Gothic

• Clipped Corner

Let Skywalker Install Your Perfect Architectural Windows!

At Skywalker Windows & Siding, we’re happy to partner with top manufacturers like Pella, ProVia, and West Window Corporation to be able to offer you some truly exceptional architectural shape window products. And if you’re looking to include some operable windows in your home improvement plan, we also install every other popular style of window design, including double-hung, casement, awning, slider windows, and more. Our professional team can also custom-fit windows to suit your exact needs and space availability.

And Skywalker doesn’t just offer amazing window products; we also have all the best tools, training, and experience for doing the job right! We’re your preferred windows, siding, and home improvement service provider for the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Charlotte Metro/Lake Norman area, and southern/southwestern VA region. Got questions? Ready to get started? Connect with our team today at (336) 265-9595, and experience the Skywalker difference for yourself!

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