Modern Materials & Color Trends for New Windows and Replacement Windows

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Need to have some new windows installed? Considering a windows replacement? There are several great reasons to do so. Modern replacement windows can provide better UV protection, better energy efficiency, more outside noise reduction, and are also designed to be easier to clean and maintain. They also now come in an increasing variety of popular color choices – but we’ll come back to that point!

Modern Window Frame Material Choices

Before you pick a color, you should probably start by choosing which kind of window frame you want to go with. There are a number of material options available, with some of the leading candidates being traditional wood, high-performance vinyl, versatile clad combinations, and custom windows of your own design. Which is the right window frame for you? Let’s take a look at some more details.

Wood Windows

Wood-framed windows have been used for centuries, and wood remains a popular window choice. Wood is traditional, it’s beautiful, and it offers natural, warm beauty. Wood also happens to be a good insulator, which is something that can’t be said for metal frames. The two main drawbacks associated with wood are initial cost, and the need for regular maintenance. Natural wood can be expensive (and some types of wood cost more than others). Wood also does require more frequent maintenance, including painting or staining. But if you’re willing to take good care of your wood windows, they can last you a very long time.

Vinyl Windows

There’s honestly a lot to like about vinyl. It’s versatile, can be made to mimic the look of wood, comes in a variety of colors, is very energy efficient, and is simple to maintain. Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t require repainting or refinishing. But here’s one of the main reasons that vinyl continues to increase in popularity – lower cost! Vinyl is cheaper than wood, it won’t rot or corrode, and it’s incredibly durable.

Clad Windows

But if you’re someone who still likes the look of real wood, but would also love to benefit from vinyl’s performance advantages? Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Yes, it is! There are clad frames available in a number of material combinations, and one of the most popular contains wood on the interior and vinyl on the exterior. The inside face of your window can be framed with any preferred wood product, while the outside can be clad with the superior protection and ease of maintenance provided by vinyl. Win-win!

Custom Windows

You may also be someone who enjoys the freedom of being able to design your own perfect window. Custom windows can be crafted in practically any frame material or combination of materials that you prefer. You also can decide whatever size, style, shape, and operational features you want your custom windows to have. Custom windows aren’t always the cheapest option, but you’ll know exactly what you’re getting – because you designed it yourself!

But What About the Color?

What about the color, indeed! We understand that when it comes to windows, looks DEFINITELY matter. Which color windows would be best to accent your home’s architectural and aesthetic features? Do you want your windows to blend in, or would you really prefer them to stand out? And which color would best express your personal tastes and personality?

Those are a lot of good questions, but asking questions alone won’t necessarily help you get any closer to choosing a window color. So, let’s take a look at some colors that are trending where modern windows are concerned, to help give you a better picture of a few great possibilities:

Classic White

While white can’t really be considered a “trending” color, it’s still the most popular default color for windows. For this reason, we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least give a nod to white. Since white is still a very common trim color, it’s not surprising that many folks still opt to go with white windows, as well.


Many who are in-the-know about modern window trends have made the comment that “black is the new white.” Black is probably the fastest-growing window color choice in America. Some have credited this to popular modern farmhouse craze, which typically pairs white or light-colored siding with black or other dark-shaded windows. In any case, more and more are being drawn to the clean simplicity of a black-and-white color scheme.


Bronze is another color that’s really trending for windows. What’s attractive about bronze? Not only can it be used to help set your windows apart on the exterior, but it also happens to be a color which will match many inside furnishings for a more contemporary look.

Bolder Colors

While whites, blacks, and neutrals have all established themselves as well-liked window colors, those aren’t all of your options. The most recent trend that’s emerging revolves around designers who are frowning upon a monochromatic look, and are instead moving towards embracing bolder, brighter colors for a more dramatic approach. Emerald greens, navy blues, mustard yellows, and purples have all made entries into the window colors space. Just as many people have chosen to paint their entry door in a bold, standout color to set it apart, more folks are now doing the same with their windows, too.

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When it comes to new windows and replacement windows, you’ve really got more options than ever when it comes to window frame materials and color choices. But no matter which window product you end up going with, finding a local installer you can trust is perhaps the most important decision of all. Let the friendly professionals at Skywalker Windows & Siding come out and give you a FREE inspection and consultation! We’ll share our findings and insights, but we won’t do all of the talking. We also take time to LISTEN to you and your particular needs, and we’ll help you to explore the best window solution options for your situation.

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