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Things to Keep in Mind When Looking at Getting New Windows

Windows play many important roles for your home or business, not least of which is their impact on your structure’s curbside appearance. Windows also play an important role in energy efficiency and safety, too. Want to know what’s ironic? Windows are often some of the last things many home and business owners consider replacing. Why…

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Popular Window Frames and Their Average Life Expectancy

Having the Right Windows Matters Windows are an essential feature for your home or business. Obviously they give you an eye to the great outdoors, but they serve many other important functions as well. They offer natural light and ventilation, help maintain energy efficiency, and also play a significant role in the curbside appearance of…

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Winter is Actually a Good Time to Check Your Gutters

Go With The Flow! Gutters may not be particularly glamorous or sexy, and when they’re flowing properly you probably don’t give them a second thought. But when they aren’t going with the flow, problems can quickly ensue! Clogged or damaged gutters can eventually fill with water, which is enough to cause its own set of…

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