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Winter is Actually a Good Time to Check Your Gutters

Go With The Flow! Gutters may not be particularly glamorous or sexy, and when they’re flowing properly you probably don’t give them a second thought. But when they aren’t going with the flow, problems can quickly ensue! Clogged or damaged gutters can eventually fill with water, which is enough to cause its own set of…

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Popular Siding Types and Their Average Life Expectancy

It May Be Called Siding, But It Really Stands Front-and-Center Siding doesn’t just get side billing; it’s really an essential feature of any home or business exterior. Siding does more than just add aesthetic appeal; it’s an important front-line layer of protection, and it works as an insulator to help keep your building more comfortable.…

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Winter Watch – Signs That It May Be Time to Call a Home Improvement Contractor

Winter, WHAT Winter? Unfortunately (depending on your point of view), we haven’t seen much of a winter in the Southeast so far this year. That is to say, we’ve had a relatively mild winter up to this point, with very little snowfall to speak of. Folks from the North continue to migrate South every year…

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