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Why Do We Even Have Windows?

The earliest-known windows found in human dwellings emerged sometime around the 13th century BC. They were little more than unglazed openings cut into rooftops, but they served a very important function – they let in more light to illuminate the home by day! The first crude glass windows were introduced around 100 AD in Alexandria when it was under Roman rule. These were a far cry from the translucent glass produced today, but they still allowed for something entirely new – not only did these windows let light inside, but they also simultaneously allow you to see outside.

Picture Windows

People have had a love affair with windows ever since, thanks to their ability to both lighten up a room and also widen your perspective of what lies outside. And one of the best ways to turn any room into a real room with a view is by installing a picture window! What’s a picture window? It’s neither a picture of a window, nor a window with an embedded picture etched on the glass.

A picture window is really just a large, fixed window that’s designed to allow for clear, unobstructed views to the great outdoors!

Some Reasons to Picture Your Room with its own Picture Window

Modern picture windows are available in a variety of architectural shapes. They’re commonly used in homes and other buildings with high ceilings, but they can be sized to fit in other spaces, too. What’s to like about having your own picture window? Plenty!

Create a Focal Point

One nice feature of a picture window is that creates a nice focal point both for your home’s interior and its exterior. From a curbside point of view, the right picture window makes a unique architectural statement about your home that really helps to set it apart. From the inside, a well-placed picture window really helps to frame your outdoor view in a positive way.

Brighten Things Up

Windows were first invented in order to bring more natural light indoors, and no window is better suited for brightening up your living space than a picture window! You can customize your picture window to suit your individual taste and style, including the addition of appropriate window dressings if you like. Alternatively, some picture windows are so beautiful in their own right that they really need no additional window dressing.

Energy Efficient

Most picture windows are fixed, meaning they’re not operable in terms of opening and closing. If you want to add some ventilation capabilities, you can always pair a picture window with some smaller operable windows. But one advantage of having a large fixed window is the fact that it provides a very snug, well-insulated seal. These stationary windows are really some of the most energy-efficient windows available, so they provide very little opportunity for climate-controlled air loss.

Need Little Maintenance

Because of their fixed nature, picture windows don’t have any mechanisms that require maintaining. And if you choose a vinyl or vinyl-clad window frame, your picture window will be easy to clean, resistant to dirt or grime build-up, and will offer reliable performance for years to come.

Provide Winter Warmth

While large, fixed windows are engineered to be air-tight, they still provide an additional benefit in the cooler months. A picture window will usher in plenty of the sun’s radiant energy to help warm your room in the winter, thus helping to cut down on your heating costs.

Let Skywalker Install the Best Picture Window View for You!

At Skywalker Windows & Siding, we’re proud to be able to provide you with only the best quality picture window products from top manufacturers like Pella, ProVia, and West Window Corporation. Picture windows make a wonderful focal point all on their own, but can also choose to pair them with some handy operable windows like double hung, casement, awning, or slider styles. Our professional team can also custom-fit a picture window to match your exact specifications and space needs.

And not only does Skywalker have amazing window products options to meet and exceed your expectations; we also have all the best tools, training, and experience to do the job right! We’re happy to be the preferred windows, siding, and other renovation services provider for the NC Piedmont Triad, Piedmont Triangle, Charlotte Metro, Lake Norman, and Roanoke, VA areas. Got some window-related questions, or ready to get started? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a shout today at (336) 265-9595, and give us the opportunity to treat you to the Skywalker difference!

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