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Since it’s still 2022, you may be wondering how we know which siding colors will be the most popular for 2023. Well, we don’t … not for sure, anyway. But what we DO know for sure is which colors have been the most popular THIS year, and all the data suggests that these trends will carry forward right into 2023. So, pull up a chair and listen to a siding expert – your friends at Skywalker Windows & Siding are here to pass these helpful siding color insights along to you!

The Right Siding Color Can Make All the Difference When It Comes to Curb Appeal

There are lots of great siding replacement options available, including vinyl, fiber cement, wood shakes, and synthetic materials. Many of these look fantastic in their own right, and some have some distinct performance and longevity advantages, too. Even so, you’ll still need to pick a siding color, along with a trim color. Some folks will just stick with the same color for both siding and trim, while others like to choose a complementary color combination. You’re honestly spoiled for choice when it comes to the full palette of siding colors that are now available. The problem isn’t about having enough color options from which to choose; it’s really about deciding how to narrow down your choices!

Popular Siding Replacement Color Choices for 2023

Everybody has a favorite color or two. But the rest of your family may not share your same taste in a personal favorite color. And making the right siding color choice is important because, hopefully it’s going to be prominently displayed on your home exterior for decades to come. If you happen to reside in an HOA, then you’ll obviously have to take their home color stipulations into account, too.

All that being said, let’s look closer at some of the most popular siding colors for 2022, which will likely translate into being popular colors for 2023, as well:

♦ White Siding

Let’s start at the top with a color that has stood the test of time: white. White siding with white trim is a traditional, classy look, and white houses never really seem to go out of style. And another advantage of going white with your siding is that it literally goes with everything else, in terms of trim options and other home exterior features like windows, doors, and fixtures. There are many popular shades and tones available too, like Colonial White, Linen White, and Arctic White.

♦ Gray Siding

Research from Zillow points to the fact that homes with cool-toned neutral colors – like gray – tend to sell for more. Dark gray is in vogue, and many like light gray, too. No matter which shade of gray you choose, gray can create a distinct, timeless appearance for your home. Plus, gray siding is easy to accent with a variety of trim colors, including black, blue, red, yellow, or most any color you have in mind.

♦ Beige Siding

Beige and light yellow are still popular siding colors, too. These work well with dark trim as a complement, and work equally well with white trim, too. Honestly, you can come up with any combination of warm and cool tones to create a nice visual contrast for your home exterior. And the right trim color can really help your beige or yellow siding to pop.

♦ Tan Siding

If you’re starting to detect a pattern, that’s because there is one. Light neutral colors are in, and color like tan works well with almost any home design or a particular set of exterior features, and tan siding has proven to be popular in both urban and rural settings. And if you’re looking for a good trim accent color, dark green can be a solid choice.

♦ Mix in Some Vibrant Colors

Don’t want to limit yourself to neutral shades? You certainly don’t have to. For example, you can choose taupe as your base siding color, but then you can opt to pair that with a brick red trim color for a warmer ambiance. This combination makes a lot of sense if you’d like to highlight any natural brickwork present on your exterior, too. But if you want to go with something more vibrant than brick red for your trim, taupe makes a nice backdrop for almost any bold dash of color you’d like to add.

♦ Monochrome Variations

A monochromatic color scheme revolves around using different shades and variations of a single color. Earth tones work really well in this regard. For example, you can choose a light tan siding that’s accented with darker brown trim. In fact, the same effect can be achieved by using variations of any single color, ranging from gray, to green, to blue, and more. And combining monochromatic tones can create just the right amount of visual contrast and depth.

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