Survey says neutrals are still “in” for 2023 siding colors.

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Survey says… we were right!

Back in November, we took a stab at what we thought the most popular siding colors for 2023 would be. Turns out, we were pretty much right on the money! How do we know? The fine folks at Alside (a national manufacturer of exterior building products) have posted the results of a nationwide survey they commissioned to help reveal the top siding color choices for 2023.

But before we take a look at the survey results, let’s explore more about why it’s important to make the right choice for your siding replacement or new siding installations to begin with.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to available siding options.

There are so many great products out there, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing a siding solution. First of all, there are the material choices. Looking for the most cost-effective option? Vinyl siding is hard to beat. Fiber cement siding is another great choice. Sure, fiber cement costs a little more, but it’s also very durable and low-maintenance, and offers a greater depth of visual texture than you can get with vinyl. Want to go natural? Wood shakes have been popular for centuries. What about synthetic? Makers like DaVinci are producing some fantastic shakes that look just like real, hand-split cedar, without any of the ongoing maintenance.

Of course, then there are the color options. There’s a full palette of colors available for both the siding and the trim. You can keep it simple and just stick with the same color for both, or you can opt to create your own preferred complementary color combination. The problem isn’t about having enough color choices; you’ve got plenty! It really comes down to deciding how you want to narrow down your options.

And now, the survey results for the most popular siding color choices of 2023.

You’ve been very patient, so here we go… drumroll, please!

Here are the most popular siding colors for 2023, as revealed in people’s responses to this question: “If you were going to update the color of your home exterior in 2023, which color would you choose?”

1. Off-White and Cream (20%)

Off-white and cream topped the charts, ranked as the top color choice by 20% of all survey respondents. This comes as no great surprise, since light neutrals were also very popular in 2022. Light neutrals like off-white and cream work well with darker trim, and honestly work well with most anything. And choosing the right accent trim color can really help your off-white or cream siding to pop.

2. White (14%)

It’s not shocking to see white rank so highly, since white has always stood the test of time as a home exterior color choice. White siding and/or trim is traditional, classy, and never seems to go out of style. And another advantage of white is that it literally goes with everything. There are many great shades and tones of white you can go with too, including Colonial White, Linen White, and Arctic White.

3. Light Gray (12%)

Zillow suggests that homes with cool-toned neutral colors – like light gray – tend to sell for more. But whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or not, light gray is definitely an exterior color that’s “in” for 2023. And no matter which shade of gray you choose for your new siding, you can trust that it will create a distinct appearance for your home. Light gray is also easy to accent with all sorts of trim colors, including black, red, blue, yellow, or most anything else.

4. Light Brown (11%)

This one really shouldn’t surprise you either. Light neutral colors are in, and light brown or tan work equally well with most any exterior design or list of exterior features. Light brown is also known to be popular in both urban and rural settings – or anything in between. Light brown or tan also offers plenty of good trim accent color options, like dark green or dark blue.

5. Medium Blue (9%)

If you don’t want to limit yourself to neutral shades, you certainly don’t have to. Medium blue also ranks pretty highly among survey respondents, as does light blue, green, red, and dark blue. Warmer colors like these work beautifully for siding installations, and can also serve to help complement any natural brick features you may have on your home. Going with a darker, bolder siding color also gives you plenty of complementary lighter color options for your trim, as well.

Skywalker Windows & Siding is here to serve all of your siding needs in NC & VA.

No matter what’s trending in terms of home exterior colors, ultimately you need to choose a specific color palette that suits your own personal tastes. After all, trends come and go, and the only person who really has to live with your decision is you. Having trouble choosing which color or colors to go with? Our experts at Skywalker Windows & Siding are here to help!

And when it comes to finding the right siding contractors, you’ve got plenty of options in North Carolina and Virginia. But whether you’re looking for siding repairs or a full siding replacement, there’s no better name to trust than Skywalker!

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