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Windows play many essential roles for your home or business. Their most obvious function is to let in some natural light or ventilation, while also offering you a view of the great outdoors. Windows also contribute significantly to the curb appeal of your building, and they also help to determine your levels of both safety and energy efficiency. But when should you seriously be considering a window replacement? And if the time is now, then how do you decide which replacement windows are right for you?

Signs That It May Be Time to Install Some New Windows

Honestly, it would be great if you never needed to replace your windows! But the reality is that even the best-made windows can eventually wear down, wear out, and need replacing. How can you tell whether your windows’ time has finally come? Here are a few telltale signs to watch for:

 • Your windows are visibly cracked or damaged

This one should probably go without saying, but if your windows or frames are visibly cracked, broken, or damaged, then the time to act is now. Putting it off will only create more negative impacts for your home. On top of that, a broken window tends to attract thieves and burglars, too!

• Hard to open and close

Infiltration of moisture can lead your windows to swell, rot, or rust, all of which can impede the normal operation of your windows. Opening or closing a window should be a fairly smooth process you can conduct with little effort. If that’s no longer the case with your windows, you should probably start considering replacement. In addition, if you can’t close your window properly, then you may not be able to lock it, either – and that’s an inherent safety risk you really shouldn’t take.

• Windows are drafty, even when shut

If you’re feeling a draft around your windows – even when they’re fully closed – that’s definitely a problem. It may just be that your seals have become worn, broken, or missing; in that case, recaulking and/or adding more weather stripping may do the trick. But if that still doesn’t fix your draft problem, then there are probably some deeper problems with your windows themselves, and replacement could be your best solution.

• Obvious condensation and/or mildew

Is your view starting to get hazy? Assuming you’re not experiencing any vision problems, then the issue may not be with your eyes; it could mean that your windows have lost their glaze, insulating gas, or both. If condensation or fog is building up between your panes, then your window seals have failed. This will hurt the energy efficiency of your windows, and could lead to unhealthy mold or mildew development, too.

• Outside noises are getting louder

Wait…did you hear that? If the noises from your neighborhood are starting to become louder than they were before, that’s another signal that your windows could be losing their insulating properties. And if that’s the case, this isn’t a problem that will fix itself; it only gets worse over time.

• Rising energy costs

Perhaps you aren’t able to perceive any window issues or problems with your untrained eye. Everything could look OK to you where your windows are concerned … but if your heating and air bills have started to trend upwards, that could be a sign that your windows are simply no longer delivering the insulating performance you need. It might be wise to have a windows professional come out and take a look; many local providers are happy to give a free initial inspection and consultation.

Benefits of Choosing to Go Ahead and Plan for Your Window Replacement

There are many things that people like to put off, but three of the most common where exterior home improvement is concerned are roof replacement, siding replacement, and windows replacement. But the reality is that all three of these systems are incredibly important to maintain if you want to keep your home safe, protected, and comfortable. And in terms of window replacement in particular, here are some benefits of going ahead and taking action now:

• Better home security & safety

We listed some reasons above why faulty windows can be a real safety risk. At the same time, choosing to install some quality replacement windows can really serve to increase your level of home security. Modern window frames, styles, glazings, and locking mechanisms are engineered with even more safety features than ever before.

• Improved energy efficiency

Replacement windows which include proper low-E coatings are designed to help keep more heat inside your home during the winter, and more heat outside during the summer months. Some window products also include better UV filtering properties and other efficiencies which can help better protect your people and your possessions.

• Less exterior noise pollution

Tired of hearing all those plains, trains, automobiles, and noisy kids in the neighborhood? Triple-pane windows are engineered and insulated to help drastically reduce sound transmission. There are even soundproof window products available, which effectively serve to block out up to 95 percent of outside noise.

• Simpler to maintain

Traditional wood-framed windows can be a real chore to clean, maintain, and repaint. You can solve that problem by opting for a well-made vinyl window or clad window solution. These windows never need repainting, and they require much less effort to clean and maintain. Many new window styles also allow for inward tilting, so you won’t ever have to worry again about having to climb a ladder in order to get to any windows located above the ground floor!

• Easier to operate

Apart from architectural shape windows or large picture windows, most windows are intended to be operable. If you’re tired of not being able to open or shut your windows properly, then you’ll really appreciate the ease with which you can navigate your new replacement windows. Plus, they come in all popular styles, including double-hung, casement, sliders, awning, bay or bow combination windows, and more.

• Boosted curb appeal for your home or business

Another key driver which leads people to consider window replacement is their desire to improve the external look of their home or business. If curb appeal and appearance matter to you, then you’re sure to enjoy all the many materials, styles, and colors available to you in today’s window replacement products.

• Increase the value of your property

Choosing the right quality of replacement windows will also deliver some ROI for you that goes beyond safety, performance, and looks. Thinking of putting your home or business location on the market? Or just looking to boost your property value in general? Selecting the right replacement windows to install can pay dividends in terms of investment value, as well.

Which Window Frame Materials to Choose?

The good news is that there are now more attractive window frame material options available than ever before. Some of the most popular options include natural wood, low-maintenance vinyl, and some versatile clad window combinations. They come in many size and style options, and you can also choose to help design your own custom windows, if you prefer.

• Wood Windows

Wood-framed windows have been around for many centuries, and natural wood continues to be valued for its signature look and natural insulating properties. The key disadvantages of wood revolve around its higher initial cost, along with its need for more regular maintenance and upkeep. But if you don’t mind putting in the work to take good care of your wood windows, they can deliver reliable performance for many years.

• Vinyl Windows

Vinyl has become a very popular solution for both siding and window framing alike. It’s versatile, it can be designed to mimic the texture of wood, comes in many colors, is incredibly energy-efficient, and is also very low-maintenance. Repainting or refinishing is never required for vinyl, and it doesn’t rot like wood, either. And on top of all that, vinyl is much more affordable than natural wood, too.

• Clad Windows

Do you still like the look of real wood for your home interior, but you’d also appreciate having the performance of vinyl on the exterior? Well, you can! There are clad frames available in a number of material combinations, with one of the most popular being a natural wood/vinyl combination.

Choose Skywalker for the Best Window Products with the Best Installation Services

Looking for the right replacement window products? There are many trusted brands and manufacturers worth considering, including Pella, West Window Corporation, and ProVia. And if it’s a quality vinyl window you’re after, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better solution than ProVia’s Endure Vinyl Windows line. These windows maximize energy efficiency, they’re beautiful to look at, and they’re consistently rated by professional remodelers as the best-of-the-best among vinyl window products.

But as important as choosing the right replacement windows is, it’s even more important to partner with a local installation professional who knows how to put your windows in right! No matter what style or type of window you’re interested in having installed in NC or VA, Skywalker Windows & Siding can provide you with your perfect window solution!

We’d be happy to come out for a FREE home or business inspection, and then we’ll take the time to sit down with you to help you explore all your options. We take the time to LISTEN too, and we’ll help you find the best window solution for meeting both your needs AND your budget.

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