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A Survey of Popular Window Styles in America

Posted On 11 May 2020
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The right windows provide for important functions including allowing for natural lighting, ventilation possibilities, and increased energy efficiency. Style matters too, since windows play a crucial role in the curb appeal of your home or business.Here are some of the most popular window stylesin use across America:

 Double Hung Windows are the most common. These top-and-bottom rectangular windows usually feature a grid of smaller panes, and both windows are operable for lifting and lowering. They come in a wide variety of frame materials, including combination options.

Single Hung Windows look essentially the same as double hung windows, with the main difference being that only the bottom sash is operable. The top sash remains fixed, so it also does a better job of remaining airtight.

Casement windows are very popular in Europe, and are also common in the U.S. The window is mounted on hinges, and swings in or out by operating a simple crank. Casements come in both single frame and double frame arrangements.

Awning windows are essentially casement windows that are mounted vertically. The hinges are mounted at the top, so the window can be pushed outwards. One nice feature of awning windows is their ability to ventilate even when it’s raining outside.

Bay windows protrude outwards in geometric angles, and typically feature a fixed center window with smaller side windows that can be operable. Bay windows offer panoramic views, potential cross-breeze ventilation, and also add some dimensional space to your home’s interior.

Bow windows are similar in design and function to bay windows, except that bow windows project out in a curved arc, rather than in the angular geometry of a bay window. Like bay windows, bow windows can also be ventable.

Slider windows are often rectangular, and they open by sliding on built-in rollers. Sliders typically offer largerviews than single- or double-hung windows. Single-slider windows have only one sliding sash, while with a double-slider both windows open and close independently.

Architectural Shapes are also commonly known asarched windows, shaped windows, and geometric windows. Most architectural shape windows are large and fixed,but some come in operable designs. They’re often pairedwith other movable windows, like sliders or casements.

Picture Windows are typicallylarge&fixed, allowing for grand, unobstructed views and providing for an abundance of natural light. Picture windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and work well in buildings with high or vaulted ceilings.

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