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The 4 Most Popular Siding Materials in America

Posted On 20 August 2020
Skywalker Windows and Siding

Siding doesn’t just add aesthetic value to your home. It also provides essential protection from the elements, so it’s important to make a good choice in your siding material. But which to choose? Let this infographic help you decide!

Here’s a sampling of popular siding choices featured, along with descriptions, average life expectancy, and features:

Wood Siding

Natural wood has long been a popular siding material, and it’s viewed as one of the most beautiful. It also happens to be one of the most expensive and requires the most maintenance.

Average Life Expectancy: 20-40 years


• Available in many finishes, textures, and styles
• Fairly simple to repair, but difficult to install over existing siding
• Requires frequent painting or staining
• Susceptible to moisture infiltration and threats from pests
• Longevity can be extended with meticulous maintenance

Vinyl Siding

Take a look around, and you’ll learn that vinyl is the most popular exterior siding choice in the U.S. It’s affordable, long-lasting, and needs little maintenance.

Average Life Expectancy: Up to 50 years


• Comes in many styles, textures and orientations, in a full palette of colors
• Vinyl is as cheap (and sometimes even cheaper) than aluminum
• Very low maintenance, relatively easy to clean, never needs painting
• Comes with the option to add extra built-in insulation
• If installed properly, vinyl shouldn’t ever warp or buckle

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