Are Impact-Resistant Windows Something I Should Consider?

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Window repair vs window replacement considerations

For homeowners, facing the repair or replacement question is something everyone faces with their windows at some point. If you’ve exhausted all of your practical windows repairs options, it’s probably time to plan for a window replacement. And one thing to consider when it comes to choosing window products for your home windows installations is whether impact-resistant windows might be right for you.

But, I don’t live at the coast. Why do I need impact-resistant windows?

If you live in central or western North Carolina or Virginia, you may wonder whether you really need impact-resistant windows. After all, you may say, hurricane impacts typically aren’t that severe in our region. While that may be true, we do still get significant wind storms from time to time. NC actually ranks 17th, and VA ranks 25th out of 50 states for tornado frequency. Just based on the potential for severe storm impacts, it actually does make sense to consider impact-resistant windows installation.

How impact-resistant windows work

Impact-resistant windows function very similarly to automotive glass. Let’s look at the impact-resistant glass from Pella home windows as an example. An exceptionally strong polymer layer located between two panes of glass provides reinforcement, and holds the glass together even if it shatters. This helps prevent damage and injury caused by wind or debris impacts. For best performance, the laminated glass may be located on either the interior or exterior pane of insulating glass, depending on the particular product design and intended application. Pella tests the strength of their impact-resistant windows by firing a two-by-four board at the mounted window at a speed of 50 feet per second. Both the window and laminate remain intact!

The many benefits of choosing impact-resistant windows

Even if you aren’t worried about whether your house is “hurricane-proof” or not, there are quite a few benefits that come along with choosing impact-resistant windows.

♦ Storm impact resistance

Hurricanes aren’t the only source of strong winds. Microbursts and tornadoes are pretty common across North Carolina and Virginia, too. And with impact glass, the laminated layer will hold the glass in place, even if the window should shatter. If a normal window should break during a wind storm, the wind can pressurize your home and result in severe damage, including roof lifting and other potentially catastrophic problems.

♦ Break-in protection

Most would-be intruders try to penetrate a home through the windows. Impact-resistant windows stand up to blunt force damage; the glass may crack, but the window simply doesn’t shatter easily. This significant increase in entry time will lead most criminals to abandon their efforts, and move on to another home.

♦ Reduced noise pollution

Because impact-resistant windows include multiple panes of insulated glass with additional strong polymer layers, sound transmission is significantly minimized. With these windows installed, you won’t have to worry about hearing nearly as much noise from barking dogs, lawnmowers, or road traffic.

♦ Better UV protection

Impact-resistant windows are designed for very effective protection from the sun. Unimpeded solar rays can fade window treatments, damage your furniture, and harm your skin. But Pella Defender Series windows block 99.7% of all harmful UV rays!

♦ More energy efficient

Multi-pane windows are more energy-efficient in general, but impact-resistant windows also include polymer layers that increase energy efficiency even further. The exceptional energy performance ratings and tight seals of impact-resistant windows keep more cool air in on warm days, and more cold air out during the winter months. And those savings in heating and air costs really add up over time!

♦ Cheaper home insurance costs

Installing impact-resistant windows can help save you on your home insurance costs, too. Many companies offer reduced rates for homes that have hurricane windows or impact-resistant windows installed.

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Are impact windows worth it? The many long-term benefits that come along with choosing to install impact windows make good sense for homeowners all across North Carolina and Virginia. But if it’s time for a window replacement, it isn’t just about choosing a particular window product you like. It’s every bit as important to partner with a local windows contractor you can trust. And in both NC and VA, the best name to trust is Skywalker Windows & Siding!

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