Window Seal Failures Can Spell Trouble for Your Home

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Is it window sill or window seal?

The two terms sound similar, but they mean completely different things. A window sill is simply the bottom ledge or flat piece of trim found at the base of a window. A window seal, on the other hand, refers to the seals placed inside modern windows to hold the insulating gas in place between multiple panes of glass.

Why do window seals matter?

Double- and triple-paned windows are manufactured with an insulating, inert gas (like argon) inserted between the panes. This insulating gas provides an important barrier against moisture infiltration and climate-controlled air leakage. As long as the seals are secure, your windowpanes should remain airtight and watertight, keeping your home more comfortable and better protected.

But seals can break down over time

No matter what type of windows you currently have installed, the pane seals can start to break down over time. Once the insulating gas escapes from around the panes, your home inevitably becomes less energy-efficient. Some resulting problems that can accompany window seal failure include:

√ Higher heating & cooling bills
√ Condensation & fog between windowpanes
√ Drafts around windows
√ Higher interior humidity
√ Outside contaminant infiltration
√ Water damage
√ Wood rot
√ Mold and mildew development

What can I do to help prevent window seal failure?

This isn’t common with modern windows, but sometimes a manufacturing defect can result in faulty seals with your windows installations. In this case, the warranty from the original manufacturer should hopefully cover it. Otherwise, there are two proactive measures you can take to help promote greater window longevity:

1. Choose a reputable windows installation expert like Skywalker Windows & Siding to put your windows in correctly to begin with. When windows are installed incorrectly, a whole host of problems can arise, with seal failure being just one of them. Home windows installation is a significant investment, so it pays to invest in the right local windows contractors who are trained and equipped to do the job right the first time.

2. Follow a schedule of proper window cleaning and maintenance. In particular, you’ll want to pay attention to your weather stripping and caulking. If you come across any cracked weather stripping or missing caulking, this is something you should address right away. Weather stripping and caulking are both fairly easy to replace yourself, and doing so promptly can make a big difference in helping to extend the life of your windows.

Can a faulty window seal be repaired?

That’s a good question, because most homeowners would obviously prefer to choose windows repairs over windows replacement whenever possible! Unfortunately, when it comes to faulty window seals, window glass repair doesn’t really fix the problem. Some folks will tell you that you can defog a cloudy window by drilling a small hole in the glass, inserting some anti-fog solution, and then refilling the hole. While this may improve the appearance of your panes, it still doesn’t address the fact that your windows have lost their insulating gas.

In this instance, window glass repair isn’t really worth the expense or effort. You’d really be better off to go ahead and plan for a new windows replacement. Plus, if your existing windows are older, putting in some modern replacement windows can really serve to boost your home’s overall energy efficiency.

When windows repair isn’t viable, windows replacement makes good sense

Putting off a needed windows replacement only puts your home at greater risk in terms of greater HVAC demand, moisture damage, and possible safety issues. That’s a risk you really don’t want to take; better to schedule a new windows installation now:

» Better home security & safety

Faulty or malfunctioning windows can honestly be a safety risk. And if your current windows won’t operate properly and smoothly, you may have trouble getting out in the event of an emergency. Installing quality replacement windows will provide better home security, and better peace of mind.

» Boosted energy efficiency

Replacement windows with low-E coatings keep more of your heat inside during the winter, and more heat outside during the summer. Some window products also offer UV filtering properties, along with other additional benefits.

» Less noise pollution

If you live in a noisy area, triple-pane insulated windows can drastically reduce exterior noise transmission. There are even some windows available that are essentially rated as being soundproof.

» Easy maintenance

Older windows can be a chore to clean, maintain, and operate. Modern replacement windows are designed for much smoother operation and easy cleaning. And if you choose vinyl replacement windows, your new windows will require very little in the way of maintenance.

» Greater curb appeal

Let’s face it, new windows just make a home look better, too. The right replacement windows can really elevate your curb appeal. And if you’re considering putting your home on the market, having new windows in place can really help attract prospective home buyers.

Choose Skywalker Windows & Siding as your trusted windows contractor

Replacing your windows isn’t just about finding a product you like. You also need to find a local windows contractor you can trust. And if you’re located in NC or VA, then look no further than Skywalker Windows & Siding!

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