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Why This Spring Is a Great Time to Schedule Your Home Window Replacement

Windows serve a lot of important functions for your home. Obviously, they let in light and give you a view of the outdoors, but windows do more than that too. Operable windows can let in a nice breeze, and well-insulated windows do a good job of improving the energy efficiency of your home. In addition,…

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Common Causes Which Lead to Sagging Gutters, & How to Prevent Them

Get Your Mind in the Gutter Most people don’t see roof gutters to be particularly sexy or glamorous, but when they do their job properly it’s a beautiful thing. Gutters serve to direct the flow of water off or your roof, through the downspouts, and away from your home’s foundation. But when your gutters aren’t…

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Casement and Slider Windows: Two Good Replacement Window Options to Consider

Planning for Windows Replacement Making plans to replace your old, cracked, or worn-out windows? Smart move. Modern replacement windows offer many benefits, including improved energy efficiency, greater ease of operation & maintenance, better home security, boosted curb appeal, and much more.   But which type of windows should you choose? Single-hung and double-hung are still…

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