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Want a More Distinctive Look for Your Home Siding? Choose Board and Batten

If you’re ready to replace your exterior siding with something that’s both functional and visually interesting, you should consider going with a board and batten style. It’s different, it’s distinctive, and it’s even a little retro-looking (which of course makes it cool)! Plus, the vertical orientation of board and batten provides very effective protection for…

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Understanding Some Common Causes And Impacts of Damage to Your Siding

One of the most important exterior features which deliver protection to your home on a daily basis is its siding. Besides helping to define your home’s curbside appeal, siding serves several important functions. It protects your home from the weather elements, defends against moisture and pest infiltration, and can also contribute to your home’s insulation…

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Things to Know About Blown Insulation, & Why You Should Entrust Installation to a Pro

Why Having the Right Insulation Matters Insulation is a necessary component of your home’s structure which serves multiple important functions. It keeps your home at a more constant temperature, seals your home from air and moisture intrusion, helps regulate humidity, and serves to help prevent mold and mildew development. With new construction, batt insulation is…

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