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How to Install Your Own Entry Door Lockset

Entry Doors Are a Key Point of Focus for Your Home, for Many Reasons As you probably know from personal experience, first impressions can make a lasting impact. And when it comes to your home’s essential curb appeal, the primary entrance areas are natural points of focus. The main entry doors, patio doors, and any…

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What Makes Vinyl Windows a Perfect Home Window Replacement Solution

The Evolution of Home Windows in America The earliest windows used in American homes were wood casement windows. Single-hung and double-hung wooden windows became popular in the 1800s. Steel-framed windows entered the market with the Industrial Revolution, and aluminum windows gained a wider acceptance after WWII. Both wood-framed and metal-framed windows remained popular for years,…

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Why This Spring Is a Great Time to Schedule Your Home Window Replacement

Windows serve a lot of important functions for your home. Obviously, they let in light and give you a view of the outdoors, but windows do more than that too. Operable windows can let in a nice breeze, and well-insulated windows do a good job of improving the energy efficiency of your home. In addition,…

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