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Don’t Forget About Your Fascia and Soffit!

What are Fascia & Soffit, Anyway? While most people are generally familiar with roofs and roofing materials, not everyone is familiar with some of the lingo when it comes to specific components of a roof’s infrastructure. “Fascia” and “soffit” are two of those terms that tend not to come up much at dinner parties. And…

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Which Rain Gutters Are Really Made to Last?

Rain Gutters Help You Go with The Flow When it rains or snows on your roof, all that water has to go somewhere. Rain gutters serve the important purpose of collecting those gallons and directing them away from your home or business. You probably don’t give your gutters a second thought when they’re working properly.…

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Things to Keep in Mind When Looking at Getting New Windows

Windows play many important roles for your home or business, not least of which is their impact on your structure’s curbside appearance. Windows also play an important role in energy efficiency and safety, too. Want to know what’s ironic? Windows are often some of the last things many home and business owners consider replacing. Why…

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