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K-Style Gutters: Still the Most Popular Choice in America

Q: Is gutter installation really necessary for my house? A: Only if your house has a roof overhead!   Why are gutters important? They serve the important function of helping to drain water off of your roof, keeping the water from falling directly on your head, and directing all that moisture away from your building’s…

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Planning for a Home Renovation? Don’t Forget to Add Some Blown Insulation

Planning for Your Home Renovation Time stands still for no man or woman, and it doesn’t stand still for your home, either. After some years of service, some things just get to the point that they’ll need repairing or replacing. When planning for a renovation, things like roof replacement, siding replacement, and windows replacement usually…

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Why Fiber Cement Siding Is a Solid Choice for Covering Your Home’s Exterior

If your home’s exterior is damaged, or if it’s just finally to the point where it’s really seen some better days, replacing the siding is a decision you really shouldn’t put off. Siding is much more than a decorating covering. Siding which does its job properly should serve as an important frontline layer of protection,…

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